Monday, 14 July 2014

Guest Post - Mapped Out

Aloha! I'm Georgia from Mapped Out and today I am guest posting for Suitcase and Sandals! As someone with the memory of a goldfish, I thought I would do a post on things I almost always forget when I am travelling. Each of these things are basic essentials, so how I forget them I do not know...

Lip balm

Every time I go on holiday, the one thing I constantly forget is lip balm. I have gained such a massive collection of lip balms from having to buy one at the airport every time I travel. With such a huge collection, I don't understand how I still forget to pack one. I always find that my lips seem to be prone to chapping every time I fly so thank goodness for good ol' boots at the airport!


I always forget to pack an extra towel for the beach. I like to take a big, fluffy towel so I have something nice to lay down on the sand. It's annoying because the time I actually remember a towel, I can never fit it in my suitcase because I have packed the entire contents of my wardrobe. It would have just been easier to forget about the towel...

Cotton Buds

I hate going anywhere without these, which seems to happen a lot of the time. I am always using them to correct my eyeliner/mascara and to sort out odd bits of makeup. I am seriously lost if I forget to pack these! The panda look is never a good look.

Plug Adapter

I hate that the plug sockets are different in other countries. My life would be a hundred times easier if they were just all the same! I can not for the life of me, ever remember to pack a plug adapter. I even leave it on the side next to my suitcase and I will still forget to pack it. Thank goodness I tend to go on people that remember to pack one that I seem to think I am more in need of using than they are... for the whole holiday.


Another stupid thing that I never think to pack. They seem so insignificant but trust me, they are so handy to have in your bag when travelling. I almost always end up buying a little packet at the airport because I have forgotten to bring one with me. Oh, the amount of money I could save if I just remember to pack all this stuff!

Thanks Hannah for letting me guest post! I hope you enjoyed my little post on things I always forget...

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  1. Haha I always forget sunscreen ... far too often do I forget that!

    1. The most important thing to remember! I dont know what I would do if i Forgot sunscreen!! xx


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