Friday, 18 July 2014

Guest Post | My Little Sister

My little sister isn't a blogger, but as I am soaking up the sunshine in Florida, I asked her to do a post for me on her summer buys as I know she has been doing a lot of shopping recently and I’m so jealous of all the gorgeous things she has brought. Welcome Sarah and her interesting photography - I think it might run in the family that our photos are a work in progress!!  

Hey everyone, as Hannah mentioned I'm not a blogger but whilst Hannah is away (lucky girl) she asked me to post and after seeing how much Hannah is enjoying it I thought I'd have a go!

I've had a bit of a summer clothes overhaul recently as there have been so many lovely things in stores and online. The first of my purchases was this gorgeous two piece from Zara- it's shorts and a jacket. I'd been looking for a two piece for a while and was drawn to the bright flowery pattern and lacy sleeves- it's perfect for summer. I've been wearing it with vest tops and so the jacket does come in useful if it gets a bit breezy.

Another two piece outfit I bought is from new look and again it was the bright colours that drew me in... The shorts are a really nice cut which makes them tight enough at the waist but still floaty. I've worn both these items separately as well but I'm wary of the colour fading on one if it gets worn more so mainly I wear them together.

I know a jacket doesn't seem particularly summery but when living in England, you can never be too careful. This jacket is from ASOS and did have matching shorts but they weren't in my size. It's quite a light material and so could easily be worn in the summer months. And wouldn't you agree that the elephant print is gorgeous?

A summer essential is of course a bikini or swimsuit for sunbathing! I got a new bikini from ASOS this year, it's slightly more adventurous than my usual choices but I thought it looked really cool. As you can see in the picture the back of the bikini is made up of lots of straps. However, if you tan quickly then it may not be the best choice as it'd leave several strap marks. Fortunately, or perhaps unfortunately that won't be a problem for me but I still plan to wear it on alternating days just in case!

And finally we come down to the final three items.... Whilst not "crowd favourites" I really like them and think they can put a unique twist on outfits; the first of which is a bum bag. I've wanted one of these for ages, purely because they are so practical and easy to carry around, and so when I saw this one in new look I had to get it. Not all bum bags I've seen are as pretty as this one and I think the lace detail gives the bag a summery feel!

Then last two items are both jelly shoes.... under much controversy from various people on twitter at the moment... Personally I think they are great- especially the glittery ones (it must be something to do with being related to Hannah.... sisterly love of glitter). I am not a fan of traditional flip flop style shoes as I really hate the feeling of the toe posts. Jelly shoes make a perfect alternative!! One of the pairs I will wear more for going out in the evenings, as it has a heel, but can easily be worn casually for braver people!

Thanks for letting me post on your blog Hannah! I very much enjoyed the "blogging experience" and understand why you've been loving it so much!


  1. I love the two pieces and the elephant blazer! So jealous! I bet they all look fab with the jelly shoes x

    Mapped Out | Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle

    1. So do I - very jealous of Sarah! Her jelly shoes look fab xxx


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