Friday, 4 July 2014

Lust List #1

There are so many beautiful clothes I want this summer, but so little money in my bank account! I thought I would compile a lust list for you all to show you what has caught my eye online recently, that I am 100% lusting after.


 I had a peek in the Zara sale and found these gorgeous dresses. Dresses (and skirts) are easily my favourite item of clothing when it comes to the hotter months. They keep me cool, are comfy but can look nice too!

I love the style of this dress, and although I know how popular they are, I have still never tried one! I think its really summery, and the pattern is as well. I love skater style skirts as they are so flattering, but also very cool in the heat! I would probably wear this on a night out back in the UK, or perhaps out for dinner on holiday. I think it could be dressed up or down depending on what you fancied quite easily.

I also found this one which is perfect for the summer holidays. It is long, but I reckon it would be quite breezy for evening meals down by the beach which means you wouldn't overheat. I might even wear this dress to one of the markets on holiday because covering up is important in some countries, and also this would keep me from over-sunning myself when I'm out and about. 

I love the colour of this dress – its so summery as it is so light. I would probably wear this for a more dressier occasion, perhaps a wedding if I had one to go to or a party with friends and family. I love the style of the neckline, but also think that it is a sophisticated style - not too revealing. I would probably wear this with a gorgeous pair of pewter sandals I got in the New Look sale as this would make it less dressy. If I wanted to dress it up, I have a gorgeous pair of glittery espadrilles, shown on my Summerball post.  


 I love missguided so much. Their clothes are absolutely stunning but they are at a price which my purse loves. 

I think this dress is stunning, and would be perfect for day or night during the summer months. I love the pattern, especially the blue colour - its gorgeous and I also think it looks exotic - perfect for summer holidays. I would wear this dress out for dinner in the evenings - either at home or abroad, or to a special BBQ or event with friends and family. I would team it with some plain sandals to keep the look dressy, but not over the top.

It’s safe to say that I have been lusting after a floral daisy dress forever, and this one is just perfect. Its summery and such a gorgeous style of dress, I would feel so comfortable (the first thing I consider when buying an item of clothing!) and I think its the perfect dress for summer days or trips out with friends. I wish I had ordered this before so that I would have it in time for my holiday which is not long away at all now!

These shorts are amazing, and I again wish I had ordered them earlier. I think they would be so cool and perfect for my holiday to America, especially for our days out to Disney. I love the colour of these shorts as it is pretty but not too overpowering, and I think it would be cool for the summer sunshine. Also, I think £11.99 is a pretty damn good price for them! I'm very tempted to still order them for my next holiday in August...

 I hope you have enjoyed a peek into some of the things I've been lusting after recently! I really wish I could win the lottery soon, because some of the clothes out there at the moment are gorgeous. 

 What have you been lusting after recently?  



  1. I wish I could dress those beautiful dresses as well but jeans are definitely my favourites. I know I should try new things but you know, I just got used to that.
    Anyway I've been lusting a long and black dress. Not for fancy parties but for casual events like a dinner or a meeting with family and friends.
    I love long skirts and dresses! x :)

    1. When you come to England you will have to come and share some clothes! You should try new things, you don't have to give up your jeans :) I hope you can find the perfect long black dress - I will keep an eye out for you! xxx


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