Monday, 4 August 2014

Ashford | Bannatyne Spa

During exam period, my mum decided to treat me and Dan to a day out at the spa! I absolutely adore going to the spa; it completely calms me down and I feel soooo relaxed. In Ashford, there is a Bannatyne Spa and they run a 2-4-1 deal during the week which meant that we were both able to go and have a Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage, a Head Massage and the use of all the spa facilities for only £69 which is such a fantastic deal!

We started our day off with our treatments. There was a nice relaxation room to start off with which had been darkened, I was already beginning to feel more and more relaxed! We were then called to our twin treatment room to get ready for our massages. Dan got the giggles beforehand as he had never had a massage! The back, neck and shoulder massage was incredible - it was just what I needed to get some of the stress out of me before my exams! The Head Massage we had was shorter than I imagined, but still very relaxing - is it just me or do you feel like you could be asleep in the spa? I love it. I still can't believe we paid £69 for both of us for two treatments, it would usually cost a lot more when you consider the use of the facilities too!!

 After our treatments we headed down to the pool area. It was really relaxing, and there were two jacuzzis, two steam rooms and two saunas. We spent the morning reading on the loungers, in and out of the steam room and saunas and relaxing in the jacuzzis. We were going to go for a swim but after dipping our toes in the ice cold pool we decided that actually relaxing in the jacuzzi for half an hour would be a better idea for our health, obviously. The morning zoomed by and it was time for lunch. Lunch didn't come included in our package deal so we did have to pay for it, but it wasn't too expensive and i had a lovely soup whilst Dan had a sandwich - there was quite a lot on offer which was good too!

We were allowed use of the spa facilities all day, so we perched back by the pool and I genuinely nearly fell asleep underneath  my warm white fluffy robe. I read alot (which is one of my favourite things to do when I'm feeling a little stressed). We also made use of the jacuzzis, sauna and steam rooms once more and then hit the road after about 8 hours of being in the spa. 

 I had such a fantastic day with dan de-stressing and I felt so much better about my looming exams. I would definitely recommend the spa - for the price you pay you get such an incredible deal. I know where I'm going for a dissertation de stressing next year! It was actually a leisure centre too, just to point this out as it may irritate some people as there was an aqua class going on at one point and regular swimmers, however it didn't bother me - I still felt truly relaxed.

Have you ever been to a Bannatyne spa?


  1. Looks lovely! Nothing I like more than a spa day! My spa membership was the best money I've ever spent!! Xxx

    1. It was fantastic. me too! Spa Days are the best. I'm so jealous you have a spa membership!!!! You lucky thing xxx

  2. So jealous you went there! I have never been to a spa but would love to go! It sounds amaaaaazing! x

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    1. It was lovely! If the deals are still as cheap perhaps we will have to treat ourselves to a spa day during dissertation time! xx

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