Sunday, 10 August 2014

Disney Parks #1

 I have decided to do two blog posts about the Disney parks in America, as I felt doing one would be too long if I wanted to talk about all of the parks. This post will be about Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom, and the next one will be about Epcot and Hollywood Studios! 

Magic Kingdom

 If forced to choose, Magic Kingdom would probably be my favourite park. It was impossible to be unhappy here - I loved it. We were lucky enough to go twice, and if I'm being honest I could have spent even more time in the Magic Kingdom. Anyone generous enough to buy me the Cinderella Castle for my upcoming 21st?

 One of the highlights for me was being glittered in one of the shops there. I love glitter and it added to the day, especially as it was so sunny and I swear I still find glitter even though it was over two weeks that we first went there! It was such a nice touch, and I know that if I had been a little girl this would have excited me even more. I also thought it was brilliant that it was free!

 We went on so many rides, I won't describe them all to you - but I will tell you a few of my favourites. Aladdin's Magic Carpet was a lot of fun and I loved the scenery it was set in and Peter Pan's Flight was another magical ride. I loved all of the rides though, and was unusually brave enough to go on a couple of rollercoasters (albeit children's ones but still!!!) I loved the new land there, Fantasyland - they have done it up a lot apparently and it was kind of medieval which I always associate with princesses and princes and obviously disney. It was heaven! 

Some of the parades, shows and fireworks were incredible at Magic Kingdom. On the 1st day we went, we saw the Festival of Fantasy parade, and although it absolutely chucked it down with rain the whole time, I just sat there with my mouth wide open. It was AMAZING! I absolutely loved it. We also saw the show at the beginning of the day with all the princesses and Mickey and Minnie which was amazing too. It was set right in front of the castle and really started the magic for the rest of the day, although I can't remember for the life of me what it was called! The parades really added to the magic of the Kingdom and I would happily watch them over and over again.

 The fireworks and Wishes show were breathtaking! I won't spoil details for you as I know quite a lot of people are off to Florida over the summer and may not have seen it before but I loved every second, and the fireworks really complimented what was going on in the show. I loved the fact that they included older disney characters such as Cinderella, but also included newer ones like Elsa (who I love of course).

Another highlight was the cute mickey mouse stuff they had ALL around the parks, but especially in Magic Kingdom. Over the course of the two days I had a Mickey Mouse Ice Cream and a Mickey Mouse Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich, as well as buying a gorgeous ring with small pink jewel mickey mouses. It was so fun seeing Mickey everywhere and I obviously had to buy myself a Minnie Mouse (although this was from Downtown Disney!). 

Animal Kingdom

 Animal Kingdom was the first park we visited in Florida, and we only went there once, but it was such an incredible day. We spent 11 hours there, one of our longest days of the holiday! If we had had more time I would have loved to have gone back to Animal Kingdom. It was such a well-thought out park and I really enjoyed it.

 One of the things that I loved about Animal Kingdom were the shows that they put on. All of the parks put them on but for me, it was Animal Kingdom that came up top trumps on the show front. We saw a Finding Nemo Show, the Lion King show (Twice! It was raining so much after the first, we decided to stay again as it was so good) and also one with birds in it which I believe was called 'Flights of Wonder'. We saw so many birds, including the Bald Eagle, which is on the American flag. I would say that the effort put into these shows was incredible, the actors were amazing and the props were out of the this world. I truly loved it, I felt they were just as good as the London shows I have seen and it was all included in the price which is ridiculous.

We saw so many incredible animals throughout the day including Giraffes, Rhinos, Hippos and plenty more. The safari truck was so funny and it was so cool to see all of the animals up close. I loved seeing the Tree of Life - it was beautiful!  We met Baloo, King Louis and Rafiki (who I love) throughout the day as well which really added to our trip there. Also, I think I might have had the best pizza I have ever had there too. It was literally perfect. My mouth is watering thinking about it.

I think I fell in love with both Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom. They were such incredible parks, and the disney touch made them even more special. I definitely want to go back in the future! 

Have you ever been to the disney parks? Which one did you prefer, if any? If you haven't been, which one do you like the sound of most? Let me know!! 


  1. OMG I'm so jealous. Why didn't you take me with you?

    1. My suitcase was too full otherwise I would have done! It was incredible, you should so go! xxx

  2. I really, really want to go! Everything just sounds so magical. You obviously had the most amazing time! Loved all the pictures :) x

    Mapped Out | Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle

    1. It was amazing, 100% go there in the future, you would love it! xxx

  3. Amazing photos!!!!
    I want to go there!!!
    Seems like so much fun!!

    Thanks for the comment.
    Keep in touch!


    1. Thank you - my boyfriend took them as I broke my camera! It was amazing, you definitely should go :) no worries about the comment! xxx


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