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Disney Parks #2

 As I said in my Disney Parks post here, this post will be on two more disney parks; Epcot and Hollywood Studios. In my opinion, these two parks are more adult themed (especially Epcot) than Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom, although all four of the parks added a bit of magic to my day! 


 I was SOOO excited to go to Epcot, especially as we decided before we went that we were going to spend two days there, instead of just the one. I was especially looking forward to the World showcase as I had seen alot about it and I love travelling so this part was extremely exciting for me. I certainly wasn't disappointed, although I wish we could have gone for an extra day to have been able to spend more time in each of the different countries.

 On the first day we did the front half of the park ,which I believe is called Future World. This was definitely more of an adult themed park and we went on a lot of different rides. A few of my favourites from this half of the park include Soarin', Test Track and Spaceship Earth. I was so scared to go on the first two but ended up loving them! They are definitely worth waiting for (although we luckily had fastpasses so didn't wait long!). Dan also bought me the most gorgeous silver necklace with tiny Mickey Mouse jewels on it from Epcot, its stunning and will definitely remind me of our trip in years to come.

I loved the the environmental section of the park, which was called "The Land" . It was really thought provoking and nice to see that Disney had been thinking about the impact of things on the environment, which is not something you necessarily think about when you think of Disney. We went on the ride called 'Living with the Land' and they had labs, greenhouses and a fish farm where they were testing some of the ways to make farming most sustainable. We also saw a short film called 'The Circle of Life' which I think made some of the environmental issues understandable for Children! They included the Lion King animals which made it very approachable.

Now, onto the World Showcase..There were loads of mini 'countries' set out in a circle around a lake, and you basically make your way through the countries (you don't have to do them all if you don't want to but I doubt you wouldn't because they are incredible) and they have shops and restaurants and sometimes even rides within them. I loved it! I could have spent HOURS there, soaking up the cultures. It was literally a dream to experience all the different countries even though I wasn't really there, and made my wanderlust even stronger.

The countries included were Mexico, Norway, China, Germany, Italy, America, Japan, Morocco, France, UK and Canada. My favourites were Norway, Italy and Morocco, especially as these are three places I'm desperate to visit in the future, so it got me all excited for hopeful future travels! In Norway we went on a Boat trip ride, as well as looking in some shops. In Italy we shopped and I gawked at how beautiful it was. In Morocco, I fell in love. If it was anything like the real Morocco, can I just go there right now? It was beautiful, I absolutely loved it and it made me so so desperate to go there. 

Hollywood Studios

 I arrive. I am handed Olaf on a Lolly stick. I squeal and I instantly know that I'm going to love my day in Hollywood Studios. Any more Frozen fans?

 Hollywood studios was covered in Frozen fun, and there was even a Frozen Parade which was just amazing - we all sang Let It Go with Anna and Elsa and the whole gang was there. It was incredible. We also went into the Trading Post (a shop) and found that to the side there was a Frozen room with ice rinks, and fake snowy stuff and this is where I found the blue slush puppy in a Frozen cup and I spent $10 in a split two seconds. I was in heaven! 

Obviously, Frozen wasn't the only thing we saw all day so I will move on! We saw a Little Mermaid show which was just fantastic. Just like at Animal Kingdom the props were brilliant and you felt like they had put a lot of effort into what you were watching. Beauty and the Beast was another show we saw and I was literally mesmerized by how beautiful their outfits were. I'm desperate to get my hands on one of those pink glittery ball gowns. We went on some rides like the Backlot tour which was fun, as well as a Star Tours simulator which was surprisingly good fun, I loved it. 

We also had our first disney chips here, which I just feel like I should point out, are AMAZING. I really want a portion now actually, they are so nicely done - it doesn't feel like you are eating chips and they look delicious too! 

Epcot and Hollywood Studios, both very different parks, definitely lived up to my expectations - I loved them! The World Showcase, and the Frozen theme definitely made the experiences of the parks extra special for me, as they are both things I love!

Have you been to either of these parks? Which was your favourite? If you haven't been, which one appeals to you the most?


  1. Looks like you had a great time! Lovely blog:) xo, Hayley

    1. Thank you! It was amazing, I had a super time away, it was incredible and so magical xxx

  2. I was lucky to visit all of the Disney resorts in Orlando when I was attending Disney Institutes customer service training. What an experience! I only wish I could go back soon. It really is so magical!

    Lauren xo
    Sophisticated In Style

    1. wow, that sounds amazing, i'm so jealous! Yeah it was so magical, thats the only way you can describe it! Wish I could go back xxx

  3. The last time I was at Disney I was 16 and way more excited to be there then the 6 children under 10 that were with me!! probably still would be more excited if I had the chance to go back

    I have nominated you for the Leibster Award over at my blog

    the link will bring you over to the questions


    1. haha! I can totally see why you were excited. It was amazing. Aww thank you so much! I have already done a post on this but I will answer your questions in the comments below :) Just heading over to your blog now! xxxx

  4. Lovely photos! I wish I could visit Disney World someday :)
    Obsessed Fashion Blog

    1. you should definitely go! Thankyou, looking at them makes me miss it there! xxx


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