Monday, 25 August 2014

DIY | Homemade Necklaces

 My Grandma goes to a crafts group called the 'Lavender Ladies' and she recently showed my sister and I how to make these gorgeous necklaces. They are so easy to make but look so lovely so I thought I would show you all how to make them. 

This is the finished product, and after making this I realised I should have taken photos to show you all so I recreated it. I have been wearing this necklace loads to jazz up some of my less colourful outfits, it goes perfectly with the dress I was wearing in these pictures and my pink spanish sandals and zatchels bag!

Step One:

You need to make a tube out of material (this can be done by folding a larger rectangle piece of material in half and sewing up the top. bottom and some of the side), leaving a hole at one end of the tube so you can thread through the larger white balls which are in between the external beads.

Step Two:

Thread on a coloured bead at the end of the tube with the hole in it, and make sure it is threaded all the way down to the other end of the tube.

Step Three:

Then put the larger white ball inside of the tube through the whole and push it down so it is next to the coloured bead.

Step Four:

Thread another colour bead on the outside of the tube to go on the other side of the white ball inside.

Step Five:

Repeat until you have an equal amount of material left at the end of the tube with the hole in it. Sew up the hole. Remember you must finish with a bead.

Step Six:

 With the remaining material, create a knot. We chose to do a reef knot because it meant that both of the end pieces faced downwards! 

Your necklace is finished!

How easy was that? and how lovely is your new necklace? I hope you enjoyed this necklace making tutorial! Hopefully it was easy to understand and you will like your necklace as much as I love mine...Please let me know what you think!



  1. Replies
    1. I love it, its such an easy way to jazz up outfits and it was honestly so easy to make! xx

  2. These are SO cute!! <3

    1. thanks! I love mine so much, it transforms some of my outfits xx


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