Saturday, 16 August 2014

Haul | Florida Findings

When I was in Florida, I brought A LOT. Its safe to say that I made the most of the shopping whilst I was there and I picked up a few bargains along the way. I have already done a post on the lip products I got whilst I was out there which you can see here. I have decided I'm going to post a picture of the favourite things I have brought whilst in the USA and if you have any questions or thoughts, please post them in the comments below! Usually I would talk a bit about the things I have brought but I have brought so much I would rather share my favourite purchases with you and you can ask questions about the things you are interested in instead of hearing about every single item! I look forward to hearing what you think about what I purchased.

 I'm going to show you a few of my favourite buys and try to remember where they are from and how much they were! If I have worked out the English price, it will be done by dividing the American price by 1.69 which was the exchange rate we got our dollars on (I may also round up for ease). Here goes...

Guess Bag, Guess Outlet, £15 roughly

Mickey Mouse Jewelry, Ring (Magic Kingdom, £15 roughly), Necklace (Epcot, Present)

Minnie Mouse, Downtown Disney, £12 roughly

Pink Pumps, Puma Outlet, £23 (I saved £39 on them!) roughly

Ribbon Bracelet, Downtown Disney, £4 roughly
It says 'the world is a magical place, choose your own adventure'

Seaworld Cup, Seaworld, £7.20 roughly
(Excuse the bikini top!)

Flip Flops and Sliders, Target overall £17 roughly 

Wet n' Wild, Sally Hansen Nail Polishes, EOS lip balm, Walmart overall £4.20 roughly

Mint Converse, Target, £7.50 roughly

Minnie Mouse Pen, Magic Kingdom, £5 roughly

As you can see, I brought alot in America, and I found some absolute bargains whilst I was away in Florida. I am already missing the shopping, and cannot wait until my next trip to America to purchase some more bargains.

 Do you like my buys? What is your favourite? Have you found some American Bargains?

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