Monday, 18 August 2014

Saturday Surprise!

 Its my parent's 25th anniversary on the 23rd September, and my sister and I decided to throw a BBQ for them in our garden, inviting friends and family from as far up as Leeds and as low down as Southampton. We have been planning this for months, all the way back since before exams and finally it was the day! We were so excited, but also quite stressed as there was lots to do before our guests arrived.

 We had just under 24 hours to prepare the house and the food because we sent my parents away to a hotel in Cheshunt (about an hour away from ours) called Theobolds Park for their anniversary. Little did they know the madness beginning at our house. We had the majority of people arriving between 12 and 1, with our parents arriving home at 1.30. 

 They were so surprised which was fantastic - my mum is pretty nosey and we thought she would find out but luckily she had no idea. Dad couldn't believe it at all. It was so nice to finally see their faces and reaction after 35 other people had helped us to arrange this and keep it a secret. It was so nice to see all our family again and my parents friends too, a lot of whom had been at their wedding 25 years ago. 

Once my parents arrived, we headed outside for the BBQ, looked at old and embarrassing wedding photos and my mum showed us all her gorgeous wedding dress. Very 80's.

 We spent the rest of the afternoon eating, drinking and catching up. Beer Pong was played and a lot of alcohol was consumed. We hadn't seen a lot of our family in quite a while and it was so lovely to see most of them (my cousin has just started his masters in Holland and flew over there early on the morning of the party for his induction week!). My sister and our cousin are also starting university this year which obviously makes it harder to meet up now nearly all of the cousins are there!

 The party went on into the early evening with leftovers being devoured for dinner and the drinks still flowing of course. 

 Once everyone had left, we basked in the glory of the families success in keeping this secret from my parents and dragged ourselves up to bed after a very fun but tiring day celebrating with our lovely parents, family and friends.

Happy 25th Wedding Anniversary to my mum and dad!

Have you been to any family parties recently? Or thrown a surprise party for family or friends?


  1. Aww what a lovely way to surprise them! Looks like you had a great time. It's my husbands 30th birthday next year, I should probably be planning something before it's too late but it's hard when we like over 400 miles from all his family haha.

    1. It was so lovely! I had such a nice day with family and friends. That sounds amazing! 400 miles is a lot further from Leeds to my house but you could make it a long weekend of surprises so that they weren't just coming for the day! You could all camp in the garden or something :) xx


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