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Seaworld, Busch Gardens and Aquatica

Seaworld are a park that have come up against much controversy in recent years. I haven't seen any of the footage against them, but I knew about it anyway. I decided to wait and make my own decision for myself once I got there. I think Seaworld is better than many zoos that we so freely visit without a thought purely because there is no documentaries slating them. I think the animals are well cared for and many of them would not even survive if they weren't given the care from Seaworld. Busch Gardens and Aquatica are in the Seaworld parks group as well, and I was really excited to visit Busch Gardens and see what it was all about (it ended up being my favourite park of the three). Aquatica is a waterpark and I was looking forward to spending a few days in the sunshine there riding the flumes!

The Seaworld parks have a fantastic deal on them at the moment - we paid £87 for unlimited access over a two week period to Seaworld, Busch Gardens and Aquatica and overall we spent 6 days there. We went to Seaworld three times, Busch Gardens once and Aquatica twice and I had such a good time at all three of the parks!


 I loved Seaworld! There was so much to do and see, and so many beautiful animals. I especially loved seeing the Turtles, Manatees and Dolphins. Turtle Trek was one of my favourite attractions as you were in a 3D movie about the conservation of Turtles and how important it is so do little things such as clearing rubbish up on beaches to save Turtles, what they call being an 'everyday hero'. Manatees are just so cute. I can't even describe them, but I think if I were an animal I would be a Manatee. They just seem to be very lazy like myself. 

 I was lucky enough to feed the Dolphins twice, and although I was a little nervous the first time, I relaxed a bit more the second time and got more confident at stroking them whilst I fed them instead of just feeding them! We also went to the dolphin nursery which was amazing, we got to interact with the dolphins, literally we were just bobbing up and down imitating them at first and they turned it into a game, it was amazing! 

 Other highlights for me were the seahorses in the Manta Aquarium. I genuinely thought they were pieces of seaweed at the beginning when I first saw the, but they weren't! I was so confused but they were so enchanting to watch. I loved it. 

 Really embarrassing story, I thought you could stand up in this viewing section and you couldn't properly and I hit my head so hard on the roof! Everyone went "oouuuuch" and honestly, it was so embarrassing.

 Some of the shows we saw there were amazing too. My favourite one was the evening Shamu show. One of the killer whales was splashing the audience even though they weren't meant to be and I found it so funny (probably because I wasn't sitting in the splash zone!) I liked the fact that no one tried to stop this, they just let it happen because thats what the killer whale wanted to do. It didn't seem forced at all. The Dolphin one, Blue Horizons was incredible as well! Dolphins are such beautiful and happy animals.

Busch Gardens

 I think this was probably my favourite park of the three. We arrived in the Morocco area (if you've read my Disney post on Epcot,  you will realise how excited this made me) and then we headed straight to the cable cars which take you over the park to the other side. I really liked this touch, because, unlike in normal zoos, you were able to see the animals from above which was something I'd not really experienced before. 

As we were there so early, we went over to the water rides so that we didn't have to queue and also so that we could dry if we got stupidly wet! We went on the rapids first and then on a log flume which I think I underestimated. When we got to the top, I was so scared and I definitely screamed louder than a lot of the others (mainly children) going on the ride! 

The rest of the day was spent looking at the animals there which was amazing. I loved the elephants and the tigers especially. However, my absolute favourites were the hippos. I have never seen a hippo move before but wow! For such massive animals they move so gracefully - alot more gracefully than I ever move in the water! I was memorized, they were stunning. We also got the chance to meet some Kangaroos which I even fed and stroked! It was amazing, but they felt nothing like I thought they would, they were almost velvety!


I loved this waterpark so much, I wish I could spend every day of the rest of the summer (before my next holiday) there! We went twice, but only stayed until about 2 o clock each day as it got so hot there, we wanted to protect our skin! 

One of my favourite rides was a double rubber ring ride that me and Dan went on, it was so much fun! There was water in your eyes, bumps in the slide that were so harsh we took off but it was all so much fun. There were also single rider slides but I wasn't as keen as you went backwards on these. 

 The lazy river was another nice one although it was quite busy. My favourite though has to be Roa's Rapids which had lots of currents in it and you were flung around whilst wearing a life vest. It was so much fun!! I loved it. 

All of these three parks were fantastic, and for the price you pay I would definitely recommend going whilst you are visiting Orlando. 

 Have you ever been to Seaworld, Busch Gardens or Aquatica? Which was your favourite?


  1. Looks like you had a great time. We keep meaning to make a road trip down to Florida (I live in Michigan) to see my husbands gran who lives just outside of Orlando. Busch Gardens is the only one of all the theme and Disney places that I would have any interest in going I will be honest - my husband loves the rides there.

    1. yeah it really was amazing! wow, that sounds incredible, i loved America, it was really cool. Fair enough, they aren't for everyone! Busch Gardens was my favourite seaworld park for sure, it was so cute and just generally a nice park to visit! xxx


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