Monday, 1 September 2014

University | So Far

 I can't quite believe that I am heading into my third year of University in a few weeks time. It literally seems like yesterday that I was the fresher who arrived and who's Dad dropped her box of alcohol on the stairs stinking out the halls for weeks. Yes, I was known as 'Alcohol Girl' for a while too. I was more upset about the fact that I had lost some of the alcohol I spent hard-earned money on (might I add the box lasted the majority of the first year, and I only recently threw out some of the Sourz Cans I had decided against drinking so I didn't have to worry).

 Freshers was a blur of some work, but mainly play. Even if I said I wasn't going out, I would end up in the kitchen downstairs in my disco pants with a vodka and coke in my hand, always. There were three of us in the flat upstairs (we were third floor, grrr!) and seven in the flat on the ground floor plus numerous friends spread out across the city. I finished with 60%, and I was chuffed.

 Second year involved a lot more hard work on my behalf and boy did it show. I raised my grade by 6% and ended up getting no lower than 62 all year (including two firsts which I never thought possible!). I was shocked but very happy, despite being incredibly lost for the first month or so and crying alot on my bed worrying about how on earth I was going to finish the degree, I had actually done really well. There were fun times too though, highlights were birthdays (obviously!) and house parties which resulted in a stupid amount of bottles having to be thrown away from one night. The summerball was another highlight, as this year ALL of our friends were there which made the night even better. 

Now the real work starts. I've sat a lot of times this summer pondering what on earth I'm going to do my dissertation on, and now in a couple of weeks time it will all become real once more.

On the bright side, I'm so excited to be sharing a house that is a 15 minute walk away from Dan's, living with three of my closest friends in Canterbury, doing a course I love and having at least four 21st birthdays already booked in for the first month that we are back! I'm excited to get stuck back in, and I think last year prepared me more for my third year so hopefully I won't feel as lost in the first few weeks!

 Are you at University? Do you have any tips for third year? Or questions/advice needed if you are a fresher?

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