Friday, 31 October 2014

Afternoon Tea

 On the sunday after my birthday, I had all of my grandparents round for a roast dinner and afternoon tea. I love cakes, cute little teasets and cake stands and I wanted to see all of my grandparents to celebrate my 21st birthday. I also share a birthday with my Grandad, and my Granny's is the day after.

 Everyone arrived at 1 and after opening presents - I've been a very lucky girl this year, as always - we tucked into a delicious roast of my mums! (Aren't roasts always better when they were made by your own mum?)

Champagne and Rose flowing, it was time for the cake!

Dan made me this beautiful 21 chocolate cake, all by himself, which I was so impressed with! It tasted amazing, and is so lovely of him to do that for me especially as it was his first experience of baking alone. I was banned for the kitchen for the morning!

My Granny, Grandma and Mum also baked some goodies which were delicious. 

After more drinks and chatting, catch up with each other, it was time for everyone to leave. I love my grandparents, and only wish I could spend more time with them during term time so it was great to see them all and hear about what they have been up to! 

Have you ever had your own afternoon tea? Do you share your birthday with someone special?

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

21st Birthday

On the 24th October, I turned 21. I find that really hard to believe, I’m still that ten year old girl in her high trainers with velvet camel trousers on, fashionista or what?

In the morning, I woke up at Dan’s house (our shower at home is crap, and every birthday princess needs a decent shower on her birthday) and opened my pressies from him with tea in bed! He absolutely spoiled me, and he made my birthday so incredible special. This gorgeous HOMEMADE box is easily one of my favourite presents – isn’t it just beautiful? I’m so lucky!

My parents and sister arrived at around midday, we cracked open the Prosecco and opened a few more presents. My parents have bought me and Dan a trip to Rome in December, and I couldn’t be more grateful. I’m so excited to go and explore the city. If anyone has any recommendations, PLEASE let me know! I was also lucky to receive ‘Reveal’ by Calvin Klein. I got a taster of this perfume in Cosmopolitan, and hadn’t been able to stop thinking about it since. Coincidentally my parents had already got it for me. It smells incredible, you should definitely head for a sniff next time you are in boots!

My house girls had decorated my room and the living room overnight too! It was so gorgeous and lovely. They got me a Frozen umbrella (I now want it to rain ALL the time so I can use it!) and a Frozen calendar for next year which I am SOO excited to use. They also got me a beautiful october pandora ring with all of the girls! It is so beautiful, very grateful to have such lovely friends at uni. 

We went to Pinocchio’s in Canterbury (post here) for lunch and I cannot even tell you how much I love this place. It is honestly delicious! Some of the best Italian food ever!

My friends, Georgia from Mapped Out, and Candela, arrived and we went for our first drink of the day at the Students union whilst my parents and Dan did their own thing. Candela and Georgia made me the most incredible 'pink box' and you can see my absolutely massive princess chalice which was included, thank you so much girls! Me and mum picked my cousin Zoe up from the station and the house was complete. It was so nice to see her as I haven't properly been able to catch up with her in ages, and she brought me such a stunning necklace from Topshop, thank you Zoe!

Then it was time to get ready!

I had decided on a Disney themed party. I may be 21 now but who doesn't want to be a princess for the night?

My mum and Granny had made my beautiful outfit, and Georgia did my hair and makeup. 

We had a Mrs Potato Head, a Stitch, an Aristocat, a Minnie Mouse, a Flynn Rider, a Snow White, a Cinderella and a Peter Pan as well as lots of other disney favourites. Everyone made such an effort and I felt so touched!

I had the most incredible 21st birthday. I have the best boyfriend, family and friends! Thank you to all of those who made my birthday so amazing and special. I feel so lucky. On Sunday I had another celebration with my grandparents, so keep your eyes peeled to read about our Afternoon Tea at home! 


Monday, 27 October 2014

Canterbury | Pinocchio's

Hidden away in Castle Steet, Canterbury is probably one of my favourite restuarants ever. It is gorgeous family fun Italian that must have been around for at least 20 years. My Grandparents took me to this little gem back in my first year of University, and it quickly became my go-to place for special occasions! I love it so much.

An old image of the outside from my first year!

The service in Pinoccio's is lovely. You walk in and immediately feel at home. You are seated, and the waiter always offers to take your coat. I really like that about this place because I think it makes the whole experience much more personal! It's easy to feel forgotten when visiting restaurants sometimes so I really appreciate the lengths the staff go to in this family run Italian.

 The menu here is a real treat! Italian food is probably my favourite and this place does not disappoint. My top tip for a visit to Pinocchio's is to go hungry! You will not regret it because this is definitely a place to go all out and eat as much as you can possibly fit in.

 As I mentioned earlier, this quickly became my "go to" for special occasions whilst I lived in the city. We went for my 21st birthday at lunch time and opted for the lunch menu. We got a selected starter, main and a drink for only £13.95 which is excellent, especially considering the food is always so fresh! They don't skimp on the portions and the food is a real treat.

Mum, Dan and I all quickly agreed that we would be sharing starters so we could try more of the dishes! We went for the fried mushrooms with garlic mayo, Brushcetta and Garlic Bread. Dad opted for the soup of the day which was Chicken and Spinach, whilst my little sister also chose the Garlic Bread. It was all so tasty!

For the mains I chose Spaghetti Bolognaise because it is my all time favourite. The ingredients used are so fresh and this is definitely the closest Bolognaise to the ones we had in Italy! My mum's Grandmother was Italian and it was so nice to hear my mum saying that this meal had reminded her of the Spag Bol her own Grandmother used to cook! There's nothing quite like food cooked by your family, and my mum likening it to her Grandma's dish is good enough for me!

Dad opted for the Chicken risotto which he really enjoyed, and Sarah chose the Carbonara which is her favourite too! Everyone was definitely pleasantly surprised by how tasty our meals were!

If you are ever in Canterbury, and are looking for a place perfect for a spot of lunch, or somewhere to eat for a special occasion, Pinocchio's is your place. Expect outstanding service, friendly staff and fresh delicious Italian cuisine. In hindsight, I wish I had made the most of living a stone throw away from this place, but student life meant reliance on Tesco Vouchers instead (although I am not complaining of course!)...

Have you ever been to Pinocchio's?

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Sister Sister

 At the weekend, me and my sister decided spontaneously to have a weekend together! She lives about 30 minutes away from Canterbury so me and Dan drove up to go Ice Skating in Gillingham. I love ice skating so much and the craving to go last week was so bad so fulfilling it was amazing! 

We got our skates on and headed out onto the ice...

Dan had only been ice skating once before, when he was 8 whereas me and my sister have been lots more! Our second cousin in an ice skating teacher and we used to go quite alot. We even have a Skate UK Level 1 badge! Having said that the exam literally involved us skating in a straight line and round some cones. Hardly pro.

Dan and I whizzed about behind Sarah for a while - she's a lot faster. For a second time going, I thought he did pretty well...The video quality isn't great, I'm sorry! I just thought it would be fun to spice up the blog posts a little.

 Bit of backward skating showing off going on here although not as much as the girls doing full on twirls in the middle of the rink with their legs in the air - very impressive.

Sarah decided to come and stay at mine for the night, as she hasn't seen my house yet and most of her flat had gone home. We recovered from our post ice-skating nandos food coma, and watched the x factor (Lauren to win!)

The next day we wandered into Canterbury to get some lunch at the best fish and chip shop in the area - or so I've heard. Sarah found some gorgeous dress in Primark, and I found the most perfect jeans ever from Dorothy Perkins. A bargain at £22.10 online!

 It was so nice to see my sister this weekend, and it left me feeling refreshed and ready for the week ahead! I love living near her. 

What did you get up to this weekend? Do you like Ice Skating as much as we do?

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Lust List #2

There are so many gorgeous clothes, shoes and bags around at the moment. A particular company grabbing my attention have been missguided. They have been popping up on my instagram, facebook and twitter to draw me in before I quickly realise that I am in fact a poor student with rent to pay and books to buy. Still, a girl can dream. Chloe Green for Topshop is another new range that has been making me drool, I'm sure you'll see why very shortly. 

Missguided | £34.99 

This beautiful dress is perfect for nights out. I know it’s no longer summer, so this may be a little bit delicate for A/W but I just love it so much and couldn't resist including it.

Missguided | £39.99

I love coats. Especially when it is absolutely freezing walking to Uni, or coming home from town. However, I never really buy coats which are 'going out' appropriate until I stumbled across this beauty. It looks a hell of a lot warmer than my cardigan I usually take but also something that won't make me look like an absolute idiot stumbling from predrinks to the nearest club. 

Missguided | £14.99

When it’s a little chillier, going to lectures at 9am means throwing on my jeans and a knit. I found this gorgeous short sleeved jumper in lilac and I thought it would be perfect for lectures – it’s cute and looks super comfy too!

CJG @ Topshop | £115

 How beautiful are these? I can see them on my feet 24/7 if I actually brought them, they are just beyond stunning. I love how they are high, but not too high and the straps add detail but still keep them simple enough to go with a lot of different outfits. Damn you rent, damn you.

CJG @ Topshop | £185

 I love these boots so much, I'm so desperate for a pair of over the knee boots and then I found these, they are just perfect. I love that they are suede and I love the detailing on them as well, because as with the heels they are still simple, just a tad more interesting than standard black boots. I'd find it so easy to wear these boots, teaming them with my favourite black jeans, or one of my many cute and comfy day dresses. 

River Island | £30

This coral tote is so cute. It is the perfect size and I love the detail on it too. Its so handy that it has a long handle as well as a shorter one which means you could use it for a number of different things. I would use it with the shorter handles for dinner dates and drinks, whereas if I was using it for uni, the longer handles would definitely come in handy. 

River Island | £2

 These daisy earrings are lovely. I think I'm a little bit obsessed with daisies if I'm honest. Such a bargain too for only £2 and one of the ways to hold onto the summer for the colder months. 

Quite a random, and not quite autumnal Lust List really. I just can't help it, as much as I love Autumn (my favourite season), I long for the sunshine, summery colours and styles. Its very odd.

Do you like the things I am lusting after at the moment? What are YOU lusting after? 


Saturday, 4 October 2014

University | Cosmo on Campus

I love Cosmopolitan, and finding Cosmo on Campus was stupidly exciting for me. I always get hold of Cosmopolitan, read it stupidly quickly and then wish that they would have a copy out every week, wishful thinking. Cosmo on Campus is perfect for another cosmo fix for me! Its a small version of Cosmo out for university students at special times of the year. I have chosen to download my copy on my ipad (its only 99p!), but on the 6th of October you might be lucky enough to pick up a copy on your campus! If so, jump jump jump at the chance. 

 One of my favourite parts of Cosmo is the Confessions, and this page does not disappoint. It reminded me of a couple of awkward times when I lived in halls, noise travelled incredibly fast sometimes! The house next door to us were VERY loud. I remember getting so cross...

 Paloma Faith gives you her 10 top tips for university, which are incredibly handy. If you can't wait to get your hands on Cosmo on Campus, feel free to check out my tips for freshers. 

 Theres a debate about whether you should start university at 18 or whether thats not a good age. Personally, I think 18 is the perfect age to head to university - its time for a bit of independance from your parents and I think if I had left it longer I would have struggled to get back into the studying pattern. What do you think?

Plenty of fashion pages mean we are picture perfect for that 9am lecture every monday morning. As well as giving us a few amazing student websites which mean we can still look amazing on that night out without breaking the bank. I loved that page!! 

It made me so excited to see £2 off vouchers for the November and December issues of Cosmopolitan. I'm already contemplating going out in the rain just to get the November issue!

I also loved the WTF! facts page. Who knew that recycling one aluminium drinks can can save up enough energy for a whole two hours worth of telly? There were loads of other facts that were really interesting so be sure to check that page out when you get your hands on a copy. 

Cosmo on Campus is just another amazing edition of Cosmopolitan. I definitely would recommend all students to head over to their ipad/iphones now or hunt out the edition on their campus over the next week!

What did you think of the edition of Cosmo on Campus? Did you like this post?

If you want to see more from Cosmo on Campus you can follow them on twitter, or have  look at their website! I'm constantly on them!

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