Monday, 27 October 2014

Canterbury | Pinocchio's

Hidden away in Castle Steet, Canterbury is probably one of my favourite restuarants ever. It is gorgeous family fun Italian that must have been around for at least 20 years. My Grandparents took me to this little gem back in my first year of University, and it quickly became my go-to place for special occasions! I love it so much.

An old image of the outside from my first year!

The service in Pinoccio's is lovely. You walk in and immediately feel at home. You are seated, and the waiter always offers to take your coat. I really like that about this place because I think it makes the whole experience much more personal! It's easy to feel forgotten when visiting restaurants sometimes so I really appreciate the lengths the staff go to in this family run Italian.

 The menu here is a real treat! Italian food is probably my favourite and this place does not disappoint. My top tip for a visit to Pinocchio's is to go hungry! You will not regret it because this is definitely a place to go all out and eat as much as you can possibly fit in.

 As I mentioned earlier, this quickly became my "go to" for special occasions whilst I lived in the city. We went for my 21st birthday at lunch time and opted for the lunch menu. We got a selected starter, main and a drink for only £13.95 which is excellent, especially considering the food is always so fresh! They don't skimp on the portions and the food is a real treat.

Mum, Dan and I all quickly agreed that we would be sharing starters so we could try more of the dishes! We went for the fried mushrooms with garlic mayo, Brushcetta and Garlic Bread. Dad opted for the soup of the day which was Chicken and Spinach, whilst my little sister also chose the Garlic Bread. It was all so tasty!

For the mains I chose Spaghetti Bolognaise because it is my all time favourite. The ingredients used are so fresh and this is definitely the closest Bolognaise to the ones we had in Italy! My mum's Grandmother was Italian and it was so nice to hear my mum saying that this meal had reminded her of the Spag Bol her own Grandmother used to cook! There's nothing quite like food cooked by your family, and my mum likening it to her Grandma's dish is good enough for me!

Dad opted for the Chicken risotto which he really enjoyed, and Sarah chose the Carbonara which is her favourite too! Everyone was definitely pleasantly surprised by how tasty our meals were!

If you are ever in Canterbury, and are looking for a place perfect for a spot of lunch, or somewhere to eat for a special occasion, Pinocchio's is your place. Expect outstanding service, friendly staff and fresh delicious Italian cuisine. In hindsight, I wish I had made the most of living a stone throw away from this place, but student life meant reliance on Tesco Vouchers instead (although I am not complaining of course!)...

Have you ever been to Pinocchio's?


  1. Sounds like you had an amazing time! The food looks delicious too. I've never been but I'd sure like to go :)

    1. It really was! I love Pinocchios. If you live locally to Canterbury, I definitely would recommend a visit. I know I'll miss it when I'm gone! xxx


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