Saturday, 11 October 2014

Lust List #2

There are so many gorgeous clothes, shoes and bags around at the moment. A particular company grabbing my attention have been missguided. They have been popping up on my instagram, facebook and twitter to draw me in before I quickly realise that I am in fact a poor student with rent to pay and books to buy. Still, a girl can dream. Chloe Green for Topshop is another new range that has been making me drool, I'm sure you'll see why very shortly. 

Missguided | £34.99 

This beautiful dress is perfect for nights out. I know it’s no longer summer, so this may be a little bit delicate for A/W but I just love it so much and couldn't resist including it.

Missguided | £39.99

I love coats. Especially when it is absolutely freezing walking to Uni, or coming home from town. However, I never really buy coats which are 'going out' appropriate until I stumbled across this beauty. It looks a hell of a lot warmer than my cardigan I usually take but also something that won't make me look like an absolute idiot stumbling from predrinks to the nearest club. 

Missguided | £14.99

When it’s a little chillier, going to lectures at 9am means throwing on my jeans and a knit. I found this gorgeous short sleeved jumper in lilac and I thought it would be perfect for lectures – it’s cute and looks super comfy too!

CJG @ Topshop | £115

 How beautiful are these? I can see them on my feet 24/7 if I actually brought them, they are just beyond stunning. I love how they are high, but not too high and the straps add detail but still keep them simple enough to go with a lot of different outfits. Damn you rent, damn you.

CJG @ Topshop | £185

 I love these boots so much, I'm so desperate for a pair of over the knee boots and then I found these, they are just perfect. I love that they are suede and I love the detailing on them as well, because as with the heels they are still simple, just a tad more interesting than standard black boots. I'd find it so easy to wear these boots, teaming them with my favourite black jeans, or one of my many cute and comfy day dresses. 

River Island | £30

This coral tote is so cute. It is the perfect size and I love the detail on it too. Its so handy that it has a long handle as well as a shorter one which means you could use it for a number of different things. I would use it with the shorter handles for dinner dates and drinks, whereas if I was using it for uni, the longer handles would definitely come in handy. 

River Island | £2

 These daisy earrings are lovely. I think I'm a little bit obsessed with daisies if I'm honest. Such a bargain too for only £2 and one of the ways to hold onto the summer for the colder months. 

Quite a random, and not quite autumnal Lust List really. I just can't help it, as much as I love Autumn (my favourite season), I long for the sunshine, summery colours and styles. Its very odd.

Do you like the things I am lusting after at the moment? What are YOU lusting after? 



  1. I made a Missguided order the other day and I saw that black coat and was so tempted! So many pretty things on Missguided. I need to win the lottery! x

    Mapped Out | Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle

    1. It is sooo nice! I know, I do too. There are just so many nice things in Missguided at the moment! Why are we poor? :( xx

  2. Oooh, that dress is pretty incredible! Also love the black coat <3

    Sarah x
    Friday is Forever Blog x

    1. I know isnt it? So summery though :( I wish it was summer still! The black coat is gorgeous! xx

  3. Really like that Miss Guided coat and the dress is lovely to!

    1. The coat is lovely! I wish I could get the dress now despite it being so chilly! xx


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