Saturday, 4 October 2014

University | Cosmo on Campus

I love Cosmopolitan, and finding Cosmo on Campus was stupidly exciting for me. I always get hold of Cosmopolitan, read it stupidly quickly and then wish that they would have a copy out every week, wishful thinking. Cosmo on Campus is perfect for another cosmo fix for me! Its a small version of Cosmo out for university students at special times of the year. I have chosen to download my copy on my ipad (its only 99p!), but on the 6th of October you might be lucky enough to pick up a copy on your campus! If so, jump jump jump at the chance. 

 One of my favourite parts of Cosmo is the Confessions, and this page does not disappoint. It reminded me of a couple of awkward times when I lived in halls, noise travelled incredibly fast sometimes! The house next door to us were VERY loud. I remember getting so cross...

 Paloma Faith gives you her 10 top tips for university, which are incredibly handy. If you can't wait to get your hands on Cosmo on Campus, feel free to check out my tips for freshers. 

 Theres a debate about whether you should start university at 18 or whether thats not a good age. Personally, I think 18 is the perfect age to head to university - its time for a bit of independance from your parents and I think if I had left it longer I would have struggled to get back into the studying pattern. What do you think?

Plenty of fashion pages mean we are picture perfect for that 9am lecture every monday morning. As well as giving us a few amazing student websites which mean we can still look amazing on that night out without breaking the bank. I loved that page!! 

It made me so excited to see £2 off vouchers for the November and December issues of Cosmopolitan. I'm already contemplating going out in the rain just to get the November issue!

I also loved the WTF! facts page. Who knew that recycling one aluminium drinks can can save up enough energy for a whole two hours worth of telly? There were loads of other facts that were really interesting so be sure to check that page out when you get your hands on a copy. 

Cosmo on Campus is just another amazing edition of Cosmopolitan. I definitely would recommend all students to head over to their ipad/iphones now or hunt out the edition on their campus over the next week!

What did you think of the edition of Cosmo on Campus? Did you like this post?

If you want to see more from Cosmo on Campus you can follow them on twitter, or have  look at their website! I'm constantly on them!



  1. I loved finding Cosmo on Campus when I was in halls, there were always copies to read there. Like you, I read Cosmo far too fast, so finding a copy of this made my day. Maybe I should pop back down to halls and grab a copy on Monday?!
    Jennifer x

    1. yes its so good! You definitely should, or just download it now :) its only 99p! such a bargain, and such a good edition! xx


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