Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Blogger Snail Mail

 Back in August, I saw this post on Gemma's blog, Lipsticks and Lashes. I was so excited to sign up and emailed her straight away. The Bloggers Snail Mail is organised by Gemma, with the first one being in March, and she pairs you up with another blogger from around the world. You then have about 4 weeks to get to know each other before sending the other person a gift you think they will like. 

 I was paired with Zoe from The Wayward Professional and I'm so pleased I was! Zoe is a blogger from New Zealand and as soon as I clicked on the link I knew I was going to really enjoy her blog. I have really enjoyed reading Zoe's business related posts, and I know I will be heading back to her blog alot once I graduate to take advice from post such as this one about the Interview! Her Bucket List series is another part of her blog that I love. I enjoyed reading about her graduation, and her world adventure plans! Those posts made me particularly jealous, but I still hope she has an amazing time...

 We spoke quite regularly (as much as the time difference would allow) for the month that we had and I got to know some really cool things about Zoe, like the fact that she is going travelling in just over three months - I am so jealous! We will hopefully be able to meet up when she is in the UK too. 

 Zoe's parcel arrived just in time. I had had such a horrible day at uni and I was just feeling low and then the parcel arrived and cheered me up so much! Zoe picked out some fantastic things for me, and they are all so well suited to me.

Thank you so much for your gorgeous parcel Zoe. Its been lovely getting to know you and I'm excited to see more on your blog and hear about your travels, hopefully even becoming part of them! 



  1. Aw love seeing some New Zealand treats!! Makes me miss home :) x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

    1. ahhh! I have never been to NZ but I would love to go. How long have you lived here xx


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