Thursday, 29 January 2015

Dream Desk

Now that I have started blogging, I definitely see the importance of having a desk when I finish university, despite the fact that I will no longer need it for essays! Recently, during the #lbloggers "Work Spaces and Inspiring Places" chat hosted by Becky Bedbug I began thinking more about what type of space I want that desk to be when I finally have my own blogging haven.

Clockwise from Top Right

Chair | Lamp | Notebook | Candles | Photo Frame | Pad | Clock | Lanterns | Lights | Desk

I think this desk would be perfect for feeling inspired, as well as being productive. I'd have photos, candles and lighting to add atmosphere to the desk. Things like the clock and notebooks would be essential for jotting down those last minute blogging ideas. I just think this desk space would be cute and colourful, and somewhere I'd definitely like to work! I really really am in love with this desk!!!

What is your ideal desk like? What do you think of the space I have created?


Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Lust List #3

There are so many pretty things out there at the moment, and my bank balance is pretty low so all I can do is dream. Here's a few of the things I've been lusting after!


Clockwise from Top Right
Black Dress | Black Pumps | Coat | Sandals | Jeans | Black Heels | Knit Jumper | Boots | Bag


Clockwise from Top Right

I only looked at ASOS and Missguided this time because I knew if I looked for any longer I'd have ended up spending a lot more money! I definitely think I might end up buying the Missguided leggings or the ASOS jeans. I need some new bottoms!

What have you been lusting after recently?


Sunday, 25 January 2015


Have you ever checked out the Minted website? Minted is a website that sells stationery and art work by designers from all over the world. I'm so pleased I stumbled across this website, especially as me and Dan are moving in together within the next year and it has the most perfect art work and stationary for us to have in our new home, wherever that may end up being. There are so many perfect things on this website I can't stop looking and decided to do a room-by-room selection of my favourite pieces!

Minted have recently added some new products to their website, such as art prints and wall art and map gifts. These pieces are stunning and I've definitely included some of these bits in my Minted wishlist.


I absolutely love the pieces I have chosen for the kitchen. Its so important to have a calendar and an address book as well. These pieces are so lovely, and I like that the calendar is personalised too. These moving cards are so sweet as well - the perfect way to tell people you've moved. 

Living Room 

Let's Get Lost | Portofino Afternoon | Upside  | Consuegra | Let's Go

Both Dan and I love to travel, and these pieces of art work are perfect to reflect that. I think they would look really lovely in a living room, as they are bright and happy pieces. I love that there is both a lot to see in them, but they aren't too overpowering either!


Florida Love Location | Floral Toile Fabric | Love Starts Here | Golden Gait

We went on holiday to Florida in the summer, and I loved it! Dan has been quite a bit and has always loved it, but I loved it too. This map gift would be a perfect way for us to remember our holiday there, and I think its so cute. I found this fabric on Minted and absolutely loved it. I'd love to turn it into some curtains!


I couldn't not have a blue sea and water theme for the bathroom. These pictures look so fresh and relaxing. I'd love to be in the bath looking at these lovely pictures, it would almost feel like I was on holiday.

Minted definitely offers some beautiful pieces for your home. I'm so pleased I came across it, because I know mine and Dan's house will have loads of lovely bits in it thanks to this website. I'm a little bit obsessed, I've been hunting out beautiful pieces for days!

What do you think of the pieces I have chosen? Let me know what you find on this website!

*I collaborated with Minted on this post.

Thursday, 22 January 2015

7 things to help you De-stress

Whenever I'm down, or about to cry (which is more like it!), I have started to take a step back and occupy myself with other things to prevent this. Being stressed is one of the worst feelings ever, and happens a fair amount at university so I've definitely been finding ways to combat it to make myself feel better about what I'm facing!

One / Read a good book - I find that reading can help you get out of the situation you are in and enter into the world of the book which can be fantastic for de-stressing. I tend to head towards the chick lit section of my bookshelf as they are easiest to read!

Two / Have a cup of tea or warm drink. I can hardly ever be bothered to make them but when I do I just feel all relaxed and cosy!

Three / Bubble Bath. Need I say more? Combine one, two and three and you have the ultimate de-stressing afternoon. I love baths so much, and I know for a fact that a Lush bath bomb will make the whole experience even more enjoyable!

Four /  Go and see your boyfriend, girlfriends, mum, dad, sister or another family member. When I'm super stressed I love going to see family, friends or Dan. It could be something as silly as watching a 30 minute programme with them, or popping to the shop but I always find it de-stressing to spent time with loved ones!

Five / Watch a film, or your favourite TV programme. I loveeeee just chilling in bed and watching a film. Just like reading, it takes you out of that moment and relaxes you!

Six / Have a massive clear out of your room. Tidy room = tidy mind. I had a massive sort out yesterday when I was feeling a little stressed about an essay, and I felt so much better. My room felt so fresh and clean, and it was another thing to not have to worry about!

Seven / Nap. When it all gets too much, theres nothing better than having a good nap to sort yourself out. I love napping, but I HATE the groggy feeling that sometimes accompanies them so I do try and only sleep for half an hour just to make sure that I feel fresh when I wake up!

What are your tips for destressing?

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

5 things I use my iPad mini for

My iPad mini is almost two years old now, and still going strong. I honestly think buying it was one of my best decisions ever! I do tend to go through phases of using it loads, then not using it for a while but when I use it, I use it a lot. Its just so handy to have with me for so many different reasons so I thought I'd do a blog post today on the things I use it for.

One - University Lectures

Its really useful to bring my iPad mini to lectures with me, to have the powerpoint presentation and readings accessible. Sometimes I find lecturers swipe through so fast so it is useful to have it right in front of me so I am able to work at my own pace. Its also handy if I haven't managed to do the reading that week, I can really quickly skim sections so I have things to say! Even if I have done it, its nice to have that reading in front of me anyway.

Two - Bloglovin'

Although I have bloglovin' on my phone, I much prefer reading blog posts on my iPad. The screen is alot bigger so I can read it more easily, and the pictures are bigger and clearer as well! I haven't tried using blogger on my ipad because I tend to find it alot harder to use on smart phones and tablets, but its something I may venture into in the future.

Three - Kindle

My kindle won't connect to the wifi at my uni house - very weird! - so having the kindle app on my iPad means its a lot easier for me to download books when I'm at home if I finish them. I can also read my books in the dark as well, so its helpful to have my iPad when the lights are out.

Four - Facetime 

Facetiming on my iPad is a lot bigger than on my phone which makes it so much more convenient. Me and Dan were recently apart for a while so facetiming on my iPad was a lot nicer to be able to see him more clearly!

Five - Netflix, Catch-up and Downloaded programmes

Sometimes its just a hell of a lot easier to watch netflix or catch up TV on my iPad rather than using my laptop. I don't have 3G on my iPad which is a shame because I'd definitely use it a lot more for journeys if I did. However, on the 4OD  and BBC Iplayer apps you can download programmes which I do when I know I have a train, plane or car journey to go on! I love it, especially as I hate flying. You can now use tablets on take off so when we flew back from Rome this was a great distraction from the bits of the flight I hate the most!

Do you have an iPad mini? What are the main things you use it for?

Thursday, 15 January 2015

University | Staying On Top

Staying on top of it all at Uni can be so tricky, especially when you hit second and third year (speaking from experience here!). I have some ways of dealing with the pressures of coping with deadlines, exams and multiple readings throughout the busiest months so I thought I'd share them in the hope of even helping one person!

Hitting the Library the day after "Student Nights"

Everyone's in bed crying out for that fried breakfast, or paracetamol. You are in the library at 9am, where is is extremely quiet and you can put in a couple of hours of hard work before lunchtime = afternoon off watching netflix whilst every other hungover person in the city is struggling to get that essay done. Boring I know, but sacrificing one night out will not kill you!

To-Do Lists

My saviours! I make yearly ones, monthly ones, weekly ones, you name it I've made it! Its alot easier to tackle all the tasks you have on your mind if you can see them clearly on one sheet of paper. I find by setting myself daily targets, I'm more determined to hit them rather than just having general weekly ones.

Specific Drawers for Specific Things

My course means I have a lot of paperwork, books and notepads. The best way to stay on top of everything I have to do is by having three separate drawers - I have one for my weekly lectures, one for my essays on the go and one for my dissertation. Its alot easier to find the things I am looking for, rather than trawling through one drawer with everything in (not that it would all fit!)

Taking a Break

There is ABSOLUTELY no point in you working 24/7 all day every day. You'll just burn yourself out and not do as well in your work as you would if you'd just watched that episode of Gossip Girl (honestly! it might not seem like it but you need to feel refreshes sometimes). Even when you have a lot to do, and taking a break seems like a massive waste of time, its crucial that you do take some time out to yourself.


If I'm stressed, or have questions, the best thing to do for me is to communicate. I will email a tutor, or book a meeting to go through my concerns. 9 times out of 10 I come out of that meeting, or receive an email back that makes me feel a lot more relaxed and better about what I am facing.

How have you been coping this year with your workload? Do you have any tips for staying on top?


Tuesday, 13 January 2015


I'm typically the one-thing-goes-wrong-bawls-like-a-baby kinda girl, so this year I thought I would try much harder to be more positive when things don't go to plan, or the way I wanted them to in the first place. I think being positive can be incredibly hard sometimes, but by being positive we're only helping ourselves!

Realistically, I'm not going to thank my lucky stars when my favourite trainers are shat on by a bird, but hopefully by being more positive I'll be able to clean it off, and laugh about it, all in good time. Equally, if I'm feeling super stressed, then being positive will probably help me to get past the stress I am feeling and put some good work into my essays. 

One of the things I've done in an attempt to be more positive, is to start a gratitude journal. Every day I'm writing down three things which have made me happy, grateful or feel better about something. I think this is a good way to take the positive from the negative (although sometimes your day might just be all good) instead of focusing on the bad. 

I love this quote. I think it shows the impact of being positive, and thinking good thoughts. You will begin to feel better about yourself, and your relationships with others because you will be focusing on the good points all the time, rather than that time when your friend was ten whole minutes later, and your essay was super stressing you out. 

How do you make yourself more positive? Do you have any tips for me?


Thursday, 8 January 2015

Pamper Evening

Unfortunately, I had no plans for New Years Eve, so I decided to stay in with my parents and have a pamper evening. It actually turned out to be such a nice evening, and I know I will be doing pamper evenings more often this term, especially faced with essay deadline stress and my dissertation. I've been using this cute little bag to keep all my pamper products in!

I absolutely adore baths, so I decided to make my bathroom a bit more cosy by adding my fairy lights and a couple of candles I got for christmas. It was so much more relaxing than just having the bright lights on. Obviously, I used my Candy Mountain lush bath bomb that I got for christmas. It smelt amazing! I loveeeeee bubble baths so much. I also used exfoliating gloves which I'm going to be trying to use more often.

After my bath, I decided to use a foot mask with thick socks to make my feet lovely and soft! I picked up this one from poundland believe it or not, and it works a treat plus it smells amazing. I'll be hoping the same ones in Canterbury poundland.

Onto my face! I used St Ives exfoliating scrubs, a tea tree witch hazel with active charcoal boots face mask and finally finished by using my lovely Liz Earle and moisturizing. I'm so bad at using this stuff but it really did work wonders. I've had some weird chapped skin on my face for a while now and this helped clear some of it up.

Finally, all you need is a magazine to top off the night. Cosmopolitan is my favourite, so usually I will go for that. If I've read it though, I might read Cosmo Body or Woman's Health for some healthy tips and tricks!

Pamper evenings are the perfect way to destress, especially when uni work is piling up and things are getting trickier. I'd recommend them to any student, especially as you can definitely do them on a budget!

Have you got any good products you could recommend me for a pamper evening?

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Cambridge | La Raza

Me, and my friends Candela and Georgia (from Mapped Out) headed to Cambridge just after the New Year in search of cocktails. We had a couple of drinks in ta bouche before heading over cobbled streets to La Raza in Rose Cresent. Its an underground bar, and they have Happy Hour from 9-10 on Fridays with a specific menu! Each of these cocktails cost us £4.50 each, so not too expensive at all. Happy Hours are Monday - Friday (4pm - 7pm and 9pm - 10pm) so plenty of time to stock up on those cheaper cocktails.

I had two Red Berry Sours, and two passion 8's and they were both delicious! I think my favourite was probably the passion 8 one. Candela tried the Caipirinha and the long island iced tea, whilst Georgia opted for the Elderflower Collins and the cocktails I had as well. They were all really tasty, and looked pretty too!

The interior of the bar was really cute! Fairy lights, a dance floor, super comfy seats and a little wine rack behind some glass. It was really nicely done, and big enough without it feeling empty which I liked.

After a couple of cocktails, it was time to hit the dancefloor! They had a really good live band playing, and they played some absolute classics. "Does your Mother know?" from Mamma Mia! was played, and it was fantastic.

I wore my new H and M sale bargain, for only £7, and my gorgeous princess shoes which were a christmas present from my parents. The are now in the sale for £10 and you can find them here. 

We had such a lovely, chilled, cocktail-fuelled night out at La Raza, and I'll definitely be back! Have you ever been to La Raza? Do you know any other cocktails bars you can recommend in Cambridge?


Thursday, 1 January 2015

Happy New Year!

It's 2015, and I can hardly believe it. I hope you all had a fantastic time celebrating the arrival of the New Year last night. I'm unfortunately feeling a little under the weather so I had a night in pampering myself with face masks, lush products and movies!

I hope you all have a fantastic 2015, and achieve everything you want to whether you have specific resolutions, or you make them up as you go along! I shall be finishing my degree, hopefully exploring more countries, and scarily entering the world of work. Fingers crossed I'll keep the blogging up too, because it was definitely a good addition from 2014.

Health, Wealth and Happiness!

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