Thursday, 22 January 2015

7 things to help you De-stress

Whenever I'm down, or about to cry (which is more like it!), I have started to take a step back and occupy myself with other things to prevent this. Being stressed is one of the worst feelings ever, and happens a fair amount at university so I've definitely been finding ways to combat it to make myself feel better about what I'm facing!

One / Read a good book - I find that reading can help you get out of the situation you are in and enter into the world of the book which can be fantastic for de-stressing. I tend to head towards the chick lit section of my bookshelf as they are easiest to read!

Two / Have a cup of tea or warm drink. I can hardly ever be bothered to make them but when I do I just feel all relaxed and cosy!

Three / Bubble Bath. Need I say more? Combine one, two and three and you have the ultimate de-stressing afternoon. I love baths so much, and I know for a fact that a Lush bath bomb will make the whole experience even more enjoyable!

Four /  Go and see your boyfriend, girlfriends, mum, dad, sister or another family member. When I'm super stressed I love going to see family, friends or Dan. It could be something as silly as watching a 30 minute programme with them, or popping to the shop but I always find it de-stressing to spent time with loved ones!

Five / Watch a film, or your favourite TV programme. I loveeeee just chilling in bed and watching a film. Just like reading, it takes you out of that moment and relaxes you!

Six / Have a massive clear out of your room. Tidy room = tidy mind. I had a massive sort out yesterday when I was feeling a little stressed about an essay, and I felt so much better. My room felt so fresh and clean, and it was another thing to not have to worry about!

Seven / Nap. When it all gets too much, theres nothing better than having a good nap to sort yourself out. I love napping, but I HATE the groggy feeling that sometimes accompanies them so I do try and only sleep for half an hour just to make sure that I feel fresh when I wake up!

What are your tips for destressing?

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