Thursday, 29 January 2015

Dream Desk

Now that I have started blogging, I definitely see the importance of having a desk when I finish university, despite the fact that I will no longer need it for essays! Recently, during the #lbloggers "Work Spaces and Inspiring Places" chat hosted by Becky Bedbug I began thinking more about what type of space I want that desk to be when I finally have my own blogging haven.

Clockwise from Top Right

Chair | Lamp | Notebook | Candles | Photo Frame | Pad | Clock | Lanterns | Lights | Desk

I think this desk would be perfect for feeling inspired, as well as being productive. I'd have photos, candles and lighting to add atmosphere to the desk. Things like the clock and notebooks would be essential for jotting down those last minute blogging ideas. I just think this desk space would be cute and colourful, and somewhere I'd definitely like to work! I really really am in love with this desk!!!

What is your ideal desk like? What do you think of the space I have created?



  1. I have the chair :) I love the desk and candles too , well I love all of it really good choice :)

    1. I'm so jealous you have the chair! Its lovely xx

  2. Gorgeous picks. I would love a white desk at my house. I blame pinterest for my obsession x

    1. White desks are the dream! I have one at uni, but its so old :( A fresh new white one please! Pinterest is so addictive XX


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