Tuesday, 13 January 2015


I'm typically the one-thing-goes-wrong-bawls-like-a-baby kinda girl, so this year I thought I would try much harder to be more positive when things don't go to plan, or the way I wanted them to in the first place. I think being positive can be incredibly hard sometimes, but by being positive we're only helping ourselves!

Realistically, I'm not going to thank my lucky stars when my favourite trainers are shat on by a bird, but hopefully by being more positive I'll be able to clean it off, and laugh about it, all in good time. Equally, if I'm feeling super stressed, then being positive will probably help me to get past the stress I am feeling and put some good work into my essays. 

One of the things I've done in an attempt to be more positive, is to start a gratitude journal. Every day I'm writing down three things which have made me happy, grateful or feel better about something. I think this is a good way to take the positive from the negative (although sometimes your day might just be all good) instead of focusing on the bad. 

I love this quote. I think it shows the impact of being positive, and thinking good thoughts. You will begin to feel better about yourself, and your relationships with others because you will be focusing on the good points all the time, rather than that time when your friend was ten whole minutes later, and your essay was super stressing you out. 

How do you make yourself more positive? Do you have any tips for me?



  1. I definitely try and be more positive, I always try and find the little happy things in everyday, even if it is just getting a good seat on the bus in the mornings! I think a gratitude journal is a great thing. I did 100 happy days last year which I think I will do this year again! x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

  2. Exactly! You begin to feel so much better even after only two weeks of doing it. In feb I think I'm going to go to just writing one thing because sometimes it does seems like I'm forcing three things, but even one thing a day is brilliant! Ooh yes thats a good idea - I saw a lot of those posts in 2014!! xxx

  3. This post made me chuckle, especially the trainers bit. I, too, cry at the slightest thing and am trying to be more positive this year! Every time I start to feel a bit negative, I stop myself and think of three positive things about the situation/my life in general etc. etc. It really helps :) xx

    Amy • Amy’s Corner

  4. Usually I probably would have cried but its so funny now! Its meant to be lucky I guess..Thats a really good idea! I'll have to do that too :) Its so hard to be positive but its working xx

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