Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Canterbury | Bucketlist

When I go back to Canterbury at the end of April, I have approximately 2 months left of this beautiful city. I cannot believe that my three years at CCCU are coming to a close, and soon I will not longer live a stones throw away from a Cathedral, and the cutest town centre. I've decided to really make the most of my last two months (especially after exams) here and do all the things I've wanted to do but never made time for, or just the things I have loved and want to do all over again

Spend more time at the Cathedral

Go on another boat tour along the river

Visit the Canterbury Tales museum 

Eat at 5 places I've never eaten before (including Club Burritos and Smokeys, I have a feeling this will be an easy one)

Go back to Pinocchio's for a special occasion

Make better use of the city library, and read the books in the sun at Westgate gardens

Go to Wildwood animal park 

FINALLY visit the Marlowe Theatre which I've been trying to do for ages

Spend a sunny day by the beach

Go for a long walk out of the city into the countryside

There are so many more things that I will probably add to this list as I go along! I cannot believe my time here is coming to a close, it makes me so sad. Canterbury will always be a very special place.

Have you made the most of your university city? What would be on your bucketlist?



  1. That does look like an incredibly quaint and picturesque place to live! Good luck with the list x

    1. It truly is beautiful! I know I'm going to miss it when I leave. Such a lovely place to have lived for my university years. Thank you - fingers crossed I manage to complete it x

  2. Canterbury looks beautiful, especially the cathedral. I went to university in Stoke-on-Trent and it definitely wasn't as photogenic or beautiful as Canterbury looks. The only part I liked was the park near the university, which was really pretty, especially in the autumn.

  3. What a beautiful place! Thank you for this post - another place to add to my 'to visit' list. I attend University in the centre of Birmingham but I never feel like it's interesting as I live there anyway and commute. xx

    thechloelook.com <3


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