Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Ely | The Dining Room at The Poet's House

On Easter Monday, Dan, Sarah and I headed north to visit out grandparents in Ely. They announced to us that we would be going to The Dining Room at The Poet's House hotel which is part of The House Collection. Our Aunt had seen it in one of her magazines, saying how it was one of the top 10 boutique hotels in the world. Its safe to say we were excited to try this place out! And we were not disappointed.

I really liked the fact that we arrived when it was light, so I could take in our surroundings. Thank you Spring! The Dining Room is really beautiful, I loved the way it was decorated. I couldn't resist a few snaps...

We were given a set menu, and whilst Sarah and I chose to have a main and a desert, my grandparents and Dan chose to have a starter and a main instead. Before they brought out the starters however, we were given a complimentary course from the chef. It was a potatoe soup that has been made fluffy, almost like a mouse. Although this wasn't my favourite, it was still tasty and something I wouldn't have necessarily tried before. The starters arrived, and I sipped on the most delicious peach bellini I think I have ever had!

Grandpa had goats cheese,

Grandma went for the chicken liver pate,

and Dan chose the salmon, which he said was incredible! I'm not a big fan of fish myself, but I have to say it did look good.

Our mains arrived, and wow. It was delicious! Grandma and I chose the Chicken Supreme, with spring vegetables, chicken and tarragon dumplings and chorizo. It was so yummy, but if I had it again I'd ask for it without Chorizo. I find the taste quite overpowering!

Dan and Sarah had steak. Medium rare and Well done respectively. They came with the most beautiful triple-cooked chips I have ever tasted (yes, I am the girlfriend who knicks a few chips, but I exchanged them for some of my chicken!). I've never really had steak, but I think I'd get it next time just for the chips!

Unfortunately, I didn't manage to take a photo of Grandpa's meal, but he went for the Cumbrian beef with truffle mash. I have to say, it looked delicious!

Deserts were next up for me and Sarah. I'm so excited to tell you about this part. I went for the select variety of ice cream and sorbets. Boring right? Wrong. I had the most delicious White Chocolate sorbet that I haven't been able to get out of my mind since. It was spot on, and I kind of wished I had decided to have three scoops of that instead of getting chocolate and vanilla ice cream too! It was absolutely incredible.

The Dining Room at The Poet's House was such a lovely restaurant. If you are ever in the area, I'd definitely put this down on your "to-dine" list!

Have you ever been to The Poets's House?

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