Friday, 31 July 2015

Review | Disney Pixar's Inside Out

Me and Dan have wanted to see this film for ages, long before it came out. We knew that it would be brilliant, and Disney Pixar really pulled it off. I laughed, cried, and felt all different types of emotions, in a perfectly disney setting. I just don't know how people even come up with these different ideas for films -this one was fantastic, and so intricate (even though it was based at perhaps a younger audience), we were really impressed.

Inside Out is a film about the emotions (joy, sadness, disgust, anger and fear) inside a little girl called Riley's head. Up until she is 11, a lot of her memories are yellow (for joy) but then she moves and some strange things begin to happy. Her emotions go crazy (both Inside and Out!) and the story is the emotions trying to get themselves back on track.

I found myself really sympathising with Riley, her parents and with the emotions inside her head as well. Even anger was a likeable character because you could see him acting as hard as he could in her best interests. The lands that were created in her head were pretty cool too. I mean a French Fry Forest? I'll take that.

Thats all I'll say about the plot line, but I absolutely loved the film. I loved the thought of some people inside your head trying their hardest to control the way you feel ensuring you are happy! I guess we mostly have the control to do that ourselves, but obviously not always.

I loved this film, Disney Pixar did it again, and I'd really recommend it to anyone! Its light-hearted, but makes you think as well. I'll definitely look forward to seeing this again!

Have you seen Inside Out? What did you think?

Wednesday, 29 July 2015


Sundays have become a day of sorting for me recently. I've been sorting out my room waiting for Dan's arrival in August, and helping my mum to sort out my sister's room etc, and I have been absolutely loving it. It's very odd but I am actually really enjoying having a purpose at the weekends! During the week I have my job, so I have a purpose. I wake up and I know roughly what I will be doing that day and I really like that.

Weekends go so quickly now that being productive and busy for me means I have a purpose, and also, makes me feel as though I have really made the most of my time off before heading back into work on monday morning. I like the routine, and I think it means I am less tired so can be more focused in my job as well which is obviously always beneficial.

Obviously, I still have some down-time too, because what weekend would be a weekend without at least a couple of hours doing nothing! I just really enjoy having something to do. For example, although last Saturday was a completely write off due to having the worst hangover I have probably had since the first year of uni, my sunday made up for it. For a start, I wrote this blog post, but I also made deliciously ella sweet potato brownies,  made my lunch for Monday, helped my parents run a BBQ at their church, did a food shop for the week, and got some of the trickier bits at work sorted in my head by writing the notes out. Alongside this, I tidied my room again, and got my new mattress. It's been a very busy, but very content Sunday.

I'm thankfully really enjoying my job so I'm not experiencing the dreaded "sunday night" feeling which I definitely think helps me to be productive at the weekends. I feel rested, but also prepared for the week ahead.

What do you do with your weekends?


Monday, 27 July 2015

Work Experience | Velvet Magazine

I've not really written about anything like this on the blog before, but I enjoyed it so much I really wanted to document it so I can look back on it in years to come! In the middle of June, I was fortunate enough to get myself a week of work experience with the editorial team of Velvet Magazine, the best local magazine in my area (it covers Newmarket, Saffron Walden, Cambridge, Ely and Bury St Edmunds). I was so excited to start!

Throughout the week, I learnt so much about writing editorials and researching, and I am so proud to be able to say that some of the things I contributed to have appeared online as well as having some bits in an issue of their magazine. It's been really eye-opening and I loved every second of my work experience.

Whilst I was there I learnt alot more about writing editorials. I was even able to write a press release which is something I've never done before. Going through the magazine before the issue was finished to edit it was pretty cool as well - I felt so professional. I loved the fact that I was enjoying the things I was writing about, and although there was pressure to get things written up in time for them to be published, I wasn't really stressed. I was enjoying what I was doing so much that I took it all in my stride. It was such an incredible feeling knowing my work would be included online, and that I had contributed to the making of the July issue as well. I really enjoyed myself.

I had the most fantastic week - getting involved in writing, a bit of yoga and some database work too! I learnt alot skillswise as well which I am hoping will help with my blogging too.

Have you ever had a great work experience?

Friday, 24 July 2015

Instagram | June

June was a bittersweet month! Me and Dan celebrated our two year anniversary, we had our last ever summerball, I went on holiday, but I also left uni for good. Overall though, it was a pretty good month! I know it's nearly the end of July now, but June is one month I wanted to remember so I'm documenting it now before I forget!

Summerball | Museum Cafe | Father's Day | Car Boot | Brighton | Holiday

What did you get up to in June?

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Kefalonia | San Giorgio Hotel Review and Some Snaps

 San Giorgio Hotel, a short bus journey away from the town of Skala on Kefalonia, is a gem. It wasn't overpriced, but you got a lot for the money you did pay - there was definitely no "cheap and cheerful" feel to the place. Although it was a 45 minute walk away from Skala, the hotel did run a bus everyday at numerous times to ferry you into the town and back which was perfect - and it was free which I was so impressed with!

Our room was spacious and lovely. We decided to go for bed and breakfast so there wasn't a kitchen, but on our (end of) student life budget, we hired a kettle for two euros per day so that we could make couscous and cuppa pasta to save us some money as and when we could during the holiday. Our sheets and towels were changed every three days which was very impressive. especially considering they changed it the day before we left! Some places just wouldn't have bothered. I stupidly forgot to take pictures of the room, but there was a bed, a chair (which could have been a bed), a dressing table, telly, bedside tables, fridge and plenty of wardrobe and storage space. It wasn't a 5* room, but it was very nice! We did eat at the restaurant too, and the food was literally so delicious! I really enjoyed it there, and it was so reasonable.

The hotel has three good sized pools. They usually didn't get too busy, until the last couple of days of our holiday when parents had started taking their children out of school to get cheaper deals! If we didn't fancy the pool, there were two gorgeous coves a five minute walk from the hotel  which we went to quite a lot! I'm afraid of swimming in the sea, so I mainly just laid on the beach with my book whilst Dan snorkelled.

Skala wasn't the busiest place ever, but for the type of holiday we were after, it was perfect. There were plenty of restaurants and shops, and a couple of bars as well if you wanted a few drinks. If we weren't so desperate to see other places in the world, we'd definitely come back here, and to the San Giorgio hotel as well. We paid £456 for our two week stay (bed and breakfast), flights and the transfers from the airport which I personally think is fantastic! Food out there is reasonable, and Dan had a beer with most meals - we ended up allocating 50 euros per day, and we definitely wouldn't have spent all of it, without things like buying presents, gifts and going on a boat trip as well!

Have you ever been to Kefalonia or the San Giorgio Hotel? What did you think?

Monday, 20 July 2015

Careers | My first ever job!

I'm so happy to finally be able to say I've got myself a job! Its in a local company, and I've already started. My role is based within the purchasing team, and it's really hard to describe what I actually do, but I'm really enjoying it so far which is the main thing! I'm still in a state of shock and relief that I have a job.

Last week I had a couple of trial days which I think went really well. I liked the working environment, the people in my team and the work I was doing which is such good news. I was a bit anxious to get a job but now I am in one I am loving it! There is a lot to learn, but luckily every is really helpful. By the end of the week, I felt like I was finally getting to grips with it all too.

I'm so excited and happy about the next couple of weeks settling in to my new job!

Do you have any top tips for your first ever job?

Friday, 17 July 2015

Kefalonia | Marco Polo Guidebook

Although my holiday to Kefalonia was mainly a relaxing one, both Dan and I wanted to see a little more of the local area around Skala too. Luckily, we had our Marco Polo guide with us, which we found a lot better than the Berlitz one we had bought previously. There was more detail!

The first thing we did, that we found in the guide book, was to learn a little more about the history of the area. It said that there had been an earthquake on the island which had ruined the majority of it. This is perhaps why the island has more of a modern feel to it! I liked that the guide gave us some background information too.We noticed this modern feel both in our resort of Skala, and in the capital (Argostoli) when we visited there for a boat trip!

This also came in handy when visiting the Roman Villa in Skala that the tour guide mentioned as well. Both Dan and I agreed that it made it all the more impressive that this roman villa, with mosaics (which the guide commented on) had survived for thousands of years, even withstanding a horrific earthquake that probably destroyed most of the things around it. Although the villa was small, it was well sign posted and really easy to get to as well. We both liked the fact that the guidebook gave a little bit more detail about what you would actually see at the villa; it helped us to make more sense of the mosaics that we saw there which was pretty cool! I can imagine these types of guide books being fantastic on city breaks when you want to learn a lot more about a place.

Finally, the guidebook mentioned a chapel which was on the road from Skala to Poros. It took me nearly the whole holiday to realise that we had seen this chapel pretty much everyday since the beginning of our holiday! It was such a cute little place. However, I didn't remember to bring a long dress or light trousers with me and a decent cover up for my shoulders so we didn't venture inside, as I felt it would have been disrespectful. The tour guide also advised people not to go into churches without covering your knees or shoulders so I especially listened to this, although I would have done it anyway!

I think the Marco Polo guide books are fantastic. I'll definitely be using them again. They are so good because they go beyond just the history of the city and the details of the places. There is a map at the end of the guide which would have been so helpful if we had been in a city without any accessible wifi to use to help us to navigate!

Have you ever used the Marco Polo guidebooks?

*Marco Polo Guidebooks kindly sent me the Kefalonia guidebook to review.


Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Ultimate Night In

I used to be a party girl, but now I am old before my time. I'd pick a night in, over a night out (unless there was perhaps the lure of a good group and cheap cocktails) anytime. Its definitely been said that staying in is the new going out, and I'm so damn pleased! There are certain things that can make a night in that much more special though...


A night in is always better if I'm spending it with some friends, my family or with Dan. How else would I be able to justify the "sharer" bags of crisps and chocolates! Organising a night in with your friends can be so much fun, especially when money is a little tight (which is obviously always the case for early twenty year olds!)


Food glorious food! Having a great dinner, and some naughty snacks can make your night out even better. At the moment, I've been really enjoying courgetti with vegetable pasta sauce, or burrito bowls. Both are so tasty but healthy too! I'm such a sucker for crisps when it comes to snacky bits.


One of my main priorities is comfort. The pyjamas are always on, with thick fluffy socks and my duvet. Dan and I have even built a fort before which was so fun and made staying in even better!


Face masks, nail varnish and hair masks make the perfect pamper evening. I always feel so good about myself after doing a face or hair mask and making my nails look super pretty. You can always do it whilst you watch a film as well.

Good TV/Reading Material

If you're with others, you'll need to film or TV programme that you'll all enjoy. I'm just about to start the friends boxset which I'm so excited about, and Pitch Perfect is always a fab film to watch with friends. If I'm staying in alone, I'll always be found with a magazine or good book in my hand. My favourite magazines are Cosmopolitan and Glamour!

What would make your night in the ultimate one? Do you prefer staying in or going out?


Monday, 13 July 2015

The Best Things in Life are Free

 It's undeniably true when people say that some of the best things in life are free. There are some things which cost absolutely nothing, that can make you feel so much better than anything you could ever buy will do. Sometimes, especially in such a materialistic world, it's hard to remember these things so I'm writing this post today as a little reminder to myself, that I don't (always!) need that gorgeous playsuit from topshop, I can just have something better for free.

  • Ice cold water, especially when you a thirsty
  • Forehead kisses
  • Catching up with a friend you haven't seen for a very long time
  • Having an incredible sleep
  • Feeling the sun on your skin
  • Being inside when the rain is going full pelt
  • A really long, really refreshing shower
  • Writing a letter to someone, and recieving one back
  • Spending time with family members
  • Going on a walk in the fresh air, with beautiful views 
  • Having a cuddle
  • The airport arrivals; way too emotional
  • Spending some quality time alone
  • Remembering something really happy or funny, and thinking about that 
  • Meeting someone you have never met before, on the bus or in a queue, and them impacting on you  more than you would have imagined before

What are some of the best things in your life that are free? Do you agree with the things that make me happy that cost me nothing?

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