Friday, 17 July 2015

Kefalonia | Marco Polo Guidebook

Although my holiday to Kefalonia was mainly a relaxing one, both Dan and I wanted to see a little more of the local area around Skala too. Luckily, we had our Marco Polo guide with us, which we found a lot better than the Berlitz one we had bought previously. There was more detail!

The first thing we did, that we found in the guide book, was to learn a little more about the history of the area. It said that there had been an earthquake on the island which had ruined the majority of it. This is perhaps why the island has more of a modern feel to it! I liked that the guide gave us some background information too.We noticed this modern feel both in our resort of Skala, and in the capital (Argostoli) when we visited there for a boat trip!

This also came in handy when visiting the Roman Villa in Skala that the tour guide mentioned as well. Both Dan and I agreed that it made it all the more impressive that this roman villa, with mosaics (which the guide commented on) had survived for thousands of years, even withstanding a horrific earthquake that probably destroyed most of the things around it. Although the villa was small, it was well sign posted and really easy to get to as well. We both liked the fact that the guidebook gave a little bit more detail about what you would actually see at the villa; it helped us to make more sense of the mosaics that we saw there which was pretty cool! I can imagine these types of guide books being fantastic on city breaks when you want to learn a lot more about a place.

Finally, the guidebook mentioned a chapel which was on the road from Skala to Poros. It took me nearly the whole holiday to realise that we had seen this chapel pretty much everyday since the beginning of our holiday! It was such a cute little place. However, I didn't remember to bring a long dress or light trousers with me and a decent cover up for my shoulders so we didn't venture inside, as I felt it would have been disrespectful. The tour guide also advised people not to go into churches without covering your knees or shoulders so I especially listened to this, although I would have done it anyway!

I think the Marco Polo guide books are fantastic. I'll definitely be using them again. They are so good because they go beyond just the history of the city and the details of the places. There is a map at the end of the guide which would have been so helpful if we had been in a city without any accessible wifi to use to help us to navigate!

Have you ever used the Marco Polo guidebooks?

*Marco Polo Guidebooks kindly sent me the Kefalonia guidebook to review.



  1. Aww i hope you had a great time, We didn't visit the ruins but saw that church each night. I have just done my first kefalonia post, hard when I took thousands of pictures it was so beautiful.
    Lyndsey |

    1. Thankyou! I hope you did too. I'll be over there now! Yes it was such a gorgeous place. I wish we could go back!! xxx


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