Wednesday, 29 July 2015


Sundays have become a day of sorting for me recently. I've been sorting out my room waiting for Dan's arrival in August, and helping my mum to sort out my sister's room etc, and I have been absolutely loving it. It's very odd but I am actually really enjoying having a purpose at the weekends! During the week I have my job, so I have a purpose. I wake up and I know roughly what I will be doing that day and I really like that.

Weekends go so quickly now that being productive and busy for me means I have a purpose, and also, makes me feel as though I have really made the most of my time off before heading back into work on monday morning. I like the routine, and I think it means I am less tired so can be more focused in my job as well which is obviously always beneficial.

Obviously, I still have some down-time too, because what weekend would be a weekend without at least a couple of hours doing nothing! I just really enjoy having something to do. For example, although last Saturday was a completely write off due to having the worst hangover I have probably had since the first year of uni, my sunday made up for it. For a start, I wrote this blog post, but I also made deliciously ella sweet potato brownies,  made my lunch for Monday, helped my parents run a BBQ at their church, did a food shop for the week, and got some of the trickier bits at work sorted in my head by writing the notes out. Alongside this, I tidied my room again, and got my new mattress. It's been a very busy, but very content Sunday.

I'm thankfully really enjoying my job so I'm not experiencing the dreaded "sunday night" feeling which I definitely think helps me to be productive at the weekends. I feel rested, but also prepared for the week ahead.

What do you do with your weekends?



  1. Wow, you did get up to a lot. My weekends currently consist of chilling around the house, watching movies and scheduling posts for the week. I need to get my posts written before I go to work for the week otherwise they'll never get done!

    Rachael at

    1. That sounds great! It is productive with you writing posts for the week, but also relaxing as well. As much as I love being busy I think I will have to slow down soon unfortunately. I agree with you! I have got some posts in drafts but need to take photos but I'm home at half five everyday and its just so hard! Hopefully I will get better soon. Thanks for commenting lovely, you always make my day when you do xxx

  2. I actually really enjoy productive weekends as well, I don't do anything too hard but it's nice to have a tidy etc so you're ready for the next week! Of course there is always time for a bit of netflix and blog reading!

    Bethan Likes

    1. I agree! It would be a nightmare to start a week knowing you had a messy room; for me a messy room is a messy mind. I think this weekend there will hopefully be a bit more blog reading in there - I've been confined to early morning catch ups this week xx


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