Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Career | Tips for your First Graduate Job

You may or may not have seen this post in which I announced that I had my first ever graduate job. Whether you did or you didn't, having worked for just over three weeks now, I thought I'd put together some top tips for those of you who may be embarking on your first graduate job! I'm quite obviously not an expert on this matter, but sharing what I have learnt could end up helping at least one person which would be very worth it!

One / Go to bed at a reasonable time - if you are staying up late, and getting up early...not only will it be tough for you to wake up, but your performance won't be a good. It's important to impress in your job, especially early on, so ensuring you are alert and ready means you will have a better chance of doing thing.

Two / Prepare your dinner the night before - it saves you so much time in the mornings, and means you are more likely to be able to make a healthy and delicious meal instead of just grabbing the nearest thing when you wake up.

Three / Make time for you in the mornings - I feel so much better, and ready for the day if I've had just 15 minutes with my cuppa tea catching up on some blogs. I love reading them, and it makes the morning feel a lot less like a chore when I can spend a bit of time reading some great things rather than rushing around like a headless chicken.

Four / Comfort is crucial. For the first two weeks of my job, my uniform hadn't arrived. I had to make sure my clothes were casual to fit in with my offices' dress code, but appropriate and above all comfortable. I spend my days either sitting at a desk, or walking around a massive factory so it is important that I feel comfortable. My uniform is very casual and comfortable too which I am so grateful for!

Five / I seem to be plugging a lot of my other posts in this one, but I promise there's a reason for it. I have found that having productive weekends has really helped me to settle into working life! Finding that balance for yourself will really help too.You may decide that completely vegging out all weekend works better for you.

Six / Maintain a Social Life. One of the things I have found really good is making sure you see your friends. Its been really nice having to have something to look forward to during the week - knowing you have that Indian to look forward to, or seeing the film you've wanted to see for later!

Seven / Enjoy it. You have just managed to bag yourself a job. Find the things you love about it, and put your all into it.

Have you recently started your first graduate job? What tips would you give? 


  1. Number 3 is so crucial. Nothing is worse than not having enough time in the morning, throws off my whole day. Thanks!


    1. I agree! If I'm rushing I feel so unorganised. I love having time to read blogs, not rush my cuppa and get myself ready. Have a fab thursday xxx


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