Monday, 24 August 2015

Lust List #5 Disney Edition

It was high time that I started looking for some new disney bits and bobs to add to our collection. There are so many great things I want on the website at the moment - I only wish that I had a Disney store closer to me, like I used to. Where on earth have they all gone recently? I swear lots of them have been removed from where they used to be, and my boyfriend agrees. Shopping there was never as special as it actually is in the parks but it certainly does the trick for now!!!

Clockwise from left to right

What Disney products have you been lusting over recently?



  1. Those salt and pepper pots are SO CUTE! I want it allllllllllll! x

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  2. I love the salt and pepper shakers too!! Disney is just so magical :) really cute post xxx

    1. It is so magical! I love disney. My boyfriend brought me home a mini simba and olaf the other day and it just makes your day!! XX


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