Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Blogtober | 21 Pictures for 21 Years

As I near my 22nd birthday, I thought it would be nice to put together a post filled with 21 photos from the past year. I love remembering great things I have done in the past year when it comes to my birthday, and it's always a time of reflection and being grateful for me, as you can read here.

I have had a fantastic 21st year. I graduated from uni, saw some gorgeous places and got my first proper job. I've learnt a lot, and I think I am more confident than I've ever been before. I'm learning what it's really like to be an adult, which has it perks and it's downfalls. I celebrated two years with Dan, and we moved in together (with my parents, but hey minor details!) which has been pretty fantastic.

Kicking off this year of photos in style is my Disney 21st which was obviously a fantastic memory. Most of these pictures represent good and happy things that happened during my 21 years. Unfortunately though, turning 21 has meant it was time to say goodbye to my lovely cat Benji who I'd had since I was 4 which was pretty upsetting. He was a fantastic cat though!


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