Saturday, 3 October 2015

Blogtober | Autumn Goals

Autumn is a wonderful time of the year, and pretty much everyone else on my twitter/instagram/bloglovin feed agrees. Although it is a little chillier there is a nice feeling about the air, and I have decided to use my love of this season to make me productive in achieving some goals I have decided to set myself. Some of these goals are to do with my blog specifically, others are just more general...

Coudn't not include the autumnal starbucks cup in a post about autumn goals could I?

Grow My Following

It's nearly my birthday, and I am close to milestones on instagram, twitter, bloglovin and pinterest so my first goal will be to reach two of them at least by my birthday in just over three weeks. I've been working hard at trying to make my social media presence more consistent, and this has especially helped to grow my following on instagram in the last couple of weeks which has been really pleasing! Although I love blogging for what it is in itself, knowing that other people follow my blog and are interested in what I am posting makes me feel great!

Build My Blogging Knowledge

My knowledge about certain areas of blogging isn't great at the moment, in the slightest. This is something I find more confusing about blogging so in October, I want to focus more on learning about DA's (you can never learn too much!) and SEO etc. It's more challenging than other aspects, and I find it easier to learn things if I make notes and highlight the shit out of things, so if you have any suggestions of blogging books which will give me all the information I need I would be soo greatful!

Save Some Money

I have been officially employed now for over two months, and now it is time to stop being so carefree with my paychecks and save some serious money. I still want to enjoy a treat now and then but I having an amount I want to save every month and I want to try and save a little extra for a rainy day as well.

Go To A Castle

This one might be a little random compared to my other Autumn goals, but I used to love going to visit Castles and have wanted to go to one again for ages. Dan and I had actually planned to go on our anniversary in June, but I was really poorly that weekend so we didn't make it. I think exploring a castle in the chilly autumn weather would be pretty cool though, so hopefully we will manage to get to one soon.

Learn something New

I really miss learning. I miss having things to read, and lectures to go to, and I want to learn something new. Although I am learning new things everyday at work, I want to learn something for fun, and completely for me. I'd love to learn some phrases of a different language, and I am a little bit obsessed with space at the moment so it would be cool to learn more about that!

Just Keep Swimming

I have the sporty swimsuit, I have the goggles and I have the gym membership, but do I have the motivated? Absolutely not. I find swimming super peaceful and it is very good for you, but hopefully I can spur myself on to go a little more this October (and for the foreseeable future)! It is hard when I am working but even 30 minutes of swimming once a week will be better for me than never ever going!

There we have it, some of my Autumn goals. Some will be more achievable than others, and some I may not even begin to touch on but the intention was there and THAT is the main thing. Hopefully I will get on OK and be happy with my progress with these goals!

Do you have any Autumn goals?



  1. I'm just about to put together this months goals, this has inspired me to put some blog related goals in place this month - I need to get more in touch with the community and grow my following too. I also need to hit the gym, and you mentioning swimming has reminded me how much I love swimming but never seem to get around to going - something I want to change! Good luck with you goals!
    Sarah @ hereyoume

    1. Oooh I will have a little read. Yes me too, it's hard sometimes when you are busy but its always nice to chat to people who have similar interests to you. Swimming is great but it is always effort, much like the gym. I'm hoping that having written it down will make me do it more because I have something to prove it to haha! I look forward to reading your goals :) XXX

  2. Good luck with these - they do seem totally achievable! I'm trying to exercise a bit more too - the motivation is so hard when, y'know, Chinese takeaway is so good.

    Rachael at

    1. Yes it is very hard, especially in the colder winter months too! I hope to achieve them yes, thanks for commenting xxxx


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