Thursday, 22 October 2015

Blogtober | Driving Pet Peeves

 I have a love-hate relationship with driving. Sometimes it is my favourite thing in the world, and I love the freedom that it gives me. Other times, I'm reduced to tears and almost always swearing loudly at the drivers who "shouldn't be allowed to drive" because there are obviously so many of them. Driving home from work the other day I thought this would be a great post to write - because I think people can sympathize and also because it's great to get things off your chest. I have many pet peeves about driving and other drivers but here are the ones that really really get me annoyed.

My baby micra 

40 mph drivers

Those idiots who drive dangerously slow on faster roads, but as soon as you hit the 30 mph zone off they speed - where is the logic in this?! It makes me so angry when it takes me longer to get home because I'm stuck behind one of these for them to then speed off as soon as we get to my village.

Lorries overtaking lorries

 This is probably one of the worst. You are making progress on the long and very boring motorway, then bam out comes a lorry. Overtaking another lorry. My idea of driving hell. It's so dangerous because it takes them so long to pass them so everyone in the middle lane overtaking the lorries then has to pull out. It's just a very frustrating thing!! Why bother as well, they'll hardly get much further on.


 Is it really that hard to flick a switch and let people know where you are going? No, it really isn't. I hate it when you are waiting to pull out at a junction and the person turns even though they knew you were waiting. I hate it when you are about to turn and you are behind a non-indicator. There's just too much mystery to deal with in that situation. Make it easier on your fellow drivers and indicate!

Road Closures

Ah yes, the road on the way to my work closes for two weeks next week. Guess what this means for me? Having to leave 10 whole minutes earlier which means 10 whole minutes less of sleep. I'm less than impressed. It's even worse when you don't know the area and are following those stupid "diversion" signs that usually tell you to turn off AFTER the turning or something, very helpful.

Rush Hour Traffic

Have you ever met a person who actually likes and enjoys sitting in traffic? It's one of the most tedious things, especially if you are tired and have had a bad day. Waiting in a traffic jam is such a mood killer, and makes any bad day much much worse. I know it's unavoidable, but I can still moan about it.

As much as driving does frustrate me, I do love driving and know that I am lucky to be able to drive. I think it's something I do take for granted, but there are definitely things that do annoy me about it. Wouldn't the world be a nicer place if everyone knew proper driving etiquette?

Do you get frustrated when driving?

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