Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Blogtober | Sibling Appreciation

 I have one sibling - my lovely sister Sarah who is 19. I love her to bits. Obviously, there have been times I have really been angered by her, we used to fight like cat and dog, but I wouldn't be able to do without her. I can easily count her as one of my best friends. Despite our past of quite frequent fights growing up as teenagers, and our a lot less rare ones now, I know how lucky I am to have her and to get on with her as well as I do! I also really admire her. She's training to be a student paramedic, which is obviously amazing. I couldn't do it!

 Having a sister is incredible. I've never had a brother, so I'm not too sure how that feels, but having a sister is practically a ready made friend. I'm the first born, so I didn't have that friend from day one, but I guess I was hers which is pretty cool. Having said that, we're like chalk and cheese. She loves sports, I'd rather not. I love books, she'd prefer TV. She's always confident and funny, I'm sometimes that, but most of the time not. She likes blood, and I really could not do what she does. She's clumsy as hell, and I've been to hospital once in my life for something not self-inflicted. BUT, this is what makes us work. I think if we were too similar, we'd still be those arguing siblings now.

Sarah is definitely one of my best friends now. When I have something exciting to say, or need to rant, she is one of the first people I will call. She's a great person to rant to because she's ALWAYS on my side and don't you always need that when you are cross? She's such a great friend, and I am incredibly grateful to her for always being there. Basically, this post is a little thank you to her for always being fabulous! I'm so very glad you were a sister, and not a brother.

Do you have siblings?


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