Thursday, 1 October 2015

Living at Home

 Moving back home after finishing university can be a daunting thought, especially when your boyfriend is moving up to live with your parents too! But, so far so good. It is so nice being able to spend time with my parents again, and amazing to be able to come home and spend my spare time with Dan too. I love living at home, and I am very lucky to get on so well with my parents. Obviously, after having such independance there are some tips I'd recommend:


 Make sure you make time for yourself, and give your family/partner space to have their own "me-times". I love having a bath and just relaxing in the bubbles whilst reading my book, or I will zone out and catch up on the blog posts I've missed during the day whilst being at work. It's important to have time to yourself, because after having lots of time to yourself at university, it will be something easy to lose the hang of and giving yourself time is a very important thing! Relying on someone else can be impossible - you need to rely on yourself as well as those around you too.


 Planning in fun things to do together will remind you of the great aspects of living together. Sometimes we go out shopping, for a walk or for dinner too to keep making sure we have time to be a couple together. We're also incredibly lucky to have our own mini sitting room too! It's also important to spend time with your family too; I am so lucky to have a wonderful close family so it's crucial I keep my relationships up with them whilst living at home too.

Do Your Fair Share

This one is something I need to improve on. We should be helping out more with the washing and stuff, although we are pretty good at cooking and washing up. Hopefully we can give my parents more of a hand as we settle down into a better working routine. I'd like to contribute more financially too as I think that it is important to mark a change between living at home before independence and living at home after it.

So far, it's been so good living back at home with my parents and Dan! I love it. It's an easy and short commute to work, I'm  not far from some of my best friends (although I am far from others I've lived so close to in the past three years so thats a down-side!) and it's the perfect saving situation. As long as both parties are communicating then it should work out absolutely fine!

Would you ever move in with your parents and partner?


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