Tuesday, 7 June 2016

A Day in Disney

 A couple of weekends ago I headed off to Paris for a little weekend adventure with Dan, my sister and her boyfriend. We caught the Eurostar there on Friday afternoon which was a first for us, and we absolutely loved the ease of it all! As nervous flyers, both my sister and I felt so relaxed which was a great start to our Parisian adventure. If you've never been on one before, I'd definitely recommend it!

 The main reason for our trip across the channel was Disneyland Paris. Sarah and I have been once before back in 2001. Our parents surprised us a few days after Christmas that we would be going which is obviously one of our favourite childhood memories. However, that was such a long time ago now and both of us were eager to head back and see what it was like. Dan loves Disney, and Richard had never been before so we dragged the boys along for some fun.

 Determined to make the most of our day at Disney we headed to the parks early to get started. We brought ourselves t-shirts and Minnie ears (has to be done!)...then it was time to get started on the rides. I'm not the biggest fan of some rides, but even so it was nice to be back in Disney and taking it all in. Luckily the weather was gorgeous, reaching 26 degrees at some points. We had the sunshine on our faces all day long whilst walking around the parks.

Disneyland spares no expensive on the parades and the rides, and the effort put into all of the attractions is insane. Throughout the day we managed to get on quite a few rides - including the teacups, Pirates of the Caribbean and 'it's a small world'. We all especially loved Buzz Lightyear's Laser Blast. It was made even better by the fact we competed against each other, with Dan and I taking the victory. To infinity and beyond!

At around 4.30 we got into place ready to watch the parade as we knew it would fill up pretty quickly. It's safe to say no-one does parades quite like Disney does! I managed to capture Sarah and Richard's faces as the parade began and it's a great picture. They were both in awe. The parades are so well thought out and each and every float is so intricately decorated. Don't even get me started on the costumes either, because they are out of this world incredible. I absolutely love watching the parades, and had the "Magic Everywhere" song in my head for the rest of the weekend!

As we had park hopper tickets, we decided that we would hop over to the Hollywood studios park for a few hours between the parade finishing and Hollywood studios closing. Dan and I had watched Ratatouille in the week before going to Disney as we'd never seen it, and had heard great things about the ride there. We all went on as single riders which is something I will definitely consider again as it halved the waiting time - and we loved the ride! I reckon we'd have gone on again if we'd had a little bit more time.

Our final few hours were spent in shops, and admiring the castle in the dusk. Unfortunately we had to leave before the fireworks began but before we left we made a promise to each other that we'd be back, and we'd stay in a Disney hotel so we could stay as late as we wanted.

Disneyland, we'll see you soon!

Have you been to Disneyland Paris recently?


  1. These photographs are so ridiculously precious! It looks like such a gorgeous place & you all look so genuinely happy ^_^ I hope you have an amazing weekend lovely!

    Katie // Words By Katie

    1. We had a great time, I love visiting Disney - it's impossible not to be happy there! XXX

  2. Sounds like you all had the best time! So sweet that you captured their faces as well! I visited when I was little and I'd absolutely love to go again :)


    1. We really did! You can't beat a day at Disney. I love that picture so much, it's great! Hopefully you can visit again soon :) XX


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