Tuesday, 28 June 2016

The EU Referendum

I'm not one to necessarily post about politics here on Suitcase and Sandals, but yesterday marked a huge historical event. It may not be a day I am particularly overjoyed about, and I definitely had a cloud hanging over me as I began to question the future and how well this is going to go. I woke up at just past 1 o clock this morning and decided that it would be a good idea to check the results. Remain were losing quite considerably and I was very shocked I have to say.

Yesterday I was angry, and very disappointed. I see a lot of issues with the leave campaign, and things had begun to change already despite the fact that the real change will not start taking place for a little while yet. I wasn't surprised that politicians from the Leave campaign were already going back on their word.

Today, I feel a bit better. The majority of the UK have voted to Leave the EU, but there are still thousands of us who wanted to remain. It's time for us to focus on the things that we think are important - we cannot change the fact that we are going to be leaving the EU, but we can do our best to encourage and vote on the things we want from now on.

 I personally believe that our borders should be open because we expect the same rights as others, and also because some of the people arriving in our country from Europe or further afield are here for their safety. I think that trade between Europe is incredibly important, as well as trade with other countries. I believe that it is not immigration that is putting a strain on the NHS, but a lack of funding - not due to the "fees" we supposedly paid weekly to the EU. I believe our rights as mothers, fathers, employees and citizens should be protected in a way that the EU has protected us.

My family history lies in England, Ireland, Poland and Italy and I'm PROUD to be European. I'm proud that our country, and other countries in the EU stood for peace, and for freedom for all. The EU was created after two horrific world wars, in which more than just British soldiers died. Since then, we have sadly been at war with others, but never with our neighbours. I am grateful to the EU for so many things...

I am grateful for the EU because it meant that my parents could look after me after I had been born, and we were able to bond because of laws on maternity and paternity leave.

I am grateful for the EU because our cities are multicultural, and diverse. I am grateful for the people who have decided to make Britain their home - those from within the EU, and those from further afield.

I am also grateful to those who have decided to make Britain their home, because they contribute to our economy. I believe having the right to work all over the EU is so important. It is fulfilling for us, it is fulfilling for the rest of the EU citizens, and I am praying that this does not impact that as much as we originally thought.

I am grateful for the EU because my rights as a worker as protected. I do not earn minimum wage, and I am able to save for a house. I am grateful because I have met many incredible people through my work from various different nations.

I am grateful because I am going on holiday today, to relax on the gorgeous island of Rhodes in Greece and so far this year have travelled easily but safely to Amsterdam and Paris. Now I may not be able to travel in Europe so freely, and it is most likely to cost me more than ever before.

I am grateful for the NHS, and NHS profesionnals. I am grateful that they have been able to support my family when they have been facing medical challenges. I believe that the NHS needs more funding, but I do not think that leaving the EU is going to help that.

I'm just hoping that this changes things for the better. It may not be the outcome I wanted, but fingers crossed that things won't be as terrible as I had first imagined. 



  1. It's such a frustrating situation. I think a big problem is that no many people had no idea what the EU did for us and it wasn't advertised at all before the vote. Instead the focus was on emotive issues causing a knee-jerk reaction. We just need to work together and see what we can do now - and get more of the youth voting!

    Rachael at broomfie.blogspot.com

    1. It is very frustrating indeed, but I am hopeful that the young people who voted to Remain are able to change this situation for the better as remaining in the EU seems a bit out of reach perhaps. I definitely agree that it was a knee-jerk reaction and this is a huge shame. We do need to work together indeed - thank you for commenting on this post xx


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