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What I've Learnt Living With My Boyfriend For A Year

 Last summer, Dan and I took the next leap in our relationship and moved in together, with my parents...This year has been incredible, and I've definitely learn a lot about myself, and about us as a couple. I think when you move in with someone, you are with them for a lot longer than you've ever been with them so it is very much so a huge learning process. I've definitely learn a lot about my relationship with Dan, and how much I rely on him to help me get through difficult situations, and to make me pressure! So, what have I learnt from living with my boyfriend for a year?

What I've Learnt Living With My Boyfriend For a Year

The mess will drive you insane - I'm going to be honest here and tell you that I'm not the tidiest person on the planet, but I did end up having to provide Dan with a box to shove all his clothes in for under the bed. They were usually strewn across the floor, and it drove me crazy. That box has saved our relationship brought me a lot of happiness this past year!

Space for two people's clothes? Now that's a problem - One year, and at least four wardrobe clearouts later and our stuff finally fits in acceptably. We actually had to have two wardrobes despite us having a massive one in my bedroom as we both have a lot of clothes. Thankfully, this has prompted me to finally give some clothes to charity, and it has provided me with car boot sale material too!

The importance of spending time together - As we live with my parents, it has been so important this year to take some time out to ourselves. Sometimes it feels like we are constantly around other people (if we aren't here, we're with Dan's family!) and it has really highlighted the importance of spending some quality time together - whether that's been a holiday, or just a trip to the cinema we've made sure to do it!

Someone is always there to give you a hug when things go wrong -
One thing I've really appreciated is that Dan is always here when I need a good cry and a huge hug when things go wrong. If I've had a bad day, it's lovely knowing I have someone to come home to, and someone who will cheer me up when I feel a little low. This has easily been one of the best things about living together!

And there is always somewhere there to share the good too! - Equally coming home when you've had a really good or exciting day, there is someone there to share this with! It's great to be able to share all of your news with someone you love straight away without having to do it all through text and phone call.

Moving in with my boyfriend has definitely been one of the best moves we've ever made. I've learnt a lot that's for sure! As we live with my parents, it's given us a chance to figure out how living together will actually be without having all of the pressure on us immediately. I think we're stronger because of our experiences here, and I am so excited for the next step together!

Do you live with your other half? What have you learnt living together?



  1. Ahh this was really good to read! So helpful thank you :)

    1. I'm pleased you found it interesting and helpful! Thanks for stopping by xx

  2. Oh my goodness I can relate to so much here! I met my boyfriend at Uni and we lived together for three years before we moved into my family house and have done for nearly a year! We completely underestimated the clothing space and had to buy a new bed just for the underneath storage! We have way too much stuff for one room and I had to buy a rail to give him my wardrobe space and I've discovered that I own about 70 pairs more shoes than he does haha. Loved reading this post, it's so important to have time for yourselves too! Luckily Andy is really helpful just like the sounds of your boyfriend and it's amazing living with your best friend when you need a shoulder to cry on!

    Laura x

    1. Ah thats amazing, this post probably relates more to you than others then as you get the whole living with parents thing too! The clothing space is a total nightmare!! Can't wait until we have our own place, but it has been good for giving to charity I guess..We're both so lucky to have had such a positive experience of living with our boyfriends and our family too!! XX


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