Wednesday, 24 August 2016


 After booking tickets so far in advance, the weekend of V finally came around. I've never been before despite it only being an hour away from my sleepy village, so I was really excited to finally be experiencing the festival - and with it being it's 21st year I knew I was in for a treat! My sister, her best friend and I were all heading off to Chelmsford hoping we'd see a few familiar faces along the way...

It was my first real experience of a festival, and whilst I was quite anxious in the week coming up to it, I actually really enjoyed myself! The drinks were flowing by 11.30am which in hindsight was probably not the best idea ever, but it definitely meant that the day was stress free - even despite me losing our tickets within 2 minutes of arriving which is so unlike me. We headed in, and met up with Mary, my friend from uni!

Throughout the day we saw so many amazing acts - Zara Larsson, Bastille and Sia were just a few of the highlights! I loved that there were lots of different stages, as it made the whole event seem much less busy...always ideal. Sia was especially good, and I loved the fact that she sang "Diamonds" by Rihanna too, as she apparently wrote it!

Justin Bieber was of course excellent, but I was disappointed by the noise levels. For the quieter songs it was hard to hear what he was singing, and I have absolutely no clue what he said between songs either - it was a real shame as many people were excited to hear him sing. Which is definitely debatable too, his voice did seem very "polished" for it being live.But it's hard to complain when you are hearing all the hits - from "Baby" to "Cold Water" - Belieber since day one!

I'm so pleased I decided to go to V! It was such a great day, and I definitely regretting not booking Monday off so I could experience both days - at least I know for next year...I loved being out in the good old English weather enjoying a festival only an hour away from my doorstep! On another note, it was also so much fun to get dressed up - I wore my hair in space buns and sprinkled glitter everywhere, it was great!

Have you ever been to V festival?


  1. Ah I'm glad you had a good time! Your hair looks so cute, I wish I could style it like that! I went to Reading Festival in 2012 and loved it. Definitely need to hit up a festival or two next year!xx

    1. Do it! It was so comfortable, and stayed in all day despite the dancing - although my sister did do it for me! Yes definitely, I've been opened up to a whole new magical world...XXX

  2. Ahh I really wanted to go to V Festival this year but I couldn't make it, I'm hoping I can go next year as it always looks so good! Sounds like you had a great time and I love your hairstyle!!

    Hannah Xx

    1. It was great fun - I'd definitely go again! Thank you - my sister did it, and it was perfect festival hair! XXX


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