Sunday, 4 September 2016

5 Things to Love About Autumn

 As it's finally September, the Autumnal excitement comes out in full force! Autumn is one of my absolutely favourite months, and I love the feeling of freshness and change that comes with the changing of the seasons from Summer to Autumn. I really love the cold, fresh mornings and the warm hot chocolate. It's my birthday season too, but that needs no explaining because I did a post about that here. Everything just feels so snuggly and cosy which is one of my all time favourite feelings. Weekends are spent curled up with blankets watching films and eating food like sausage and mash. I'm already so excited!

Reading and Relaxing

Reading is one of my favourite things to do all year round, but it just gets even better in Autumn! I love coming home from work, or waking up on the weekend, and getting snuggled up in lots of blankets so I can read the next few hours away. It's a magical feeling! We have the most amazing window halfway up our stairs in this house, and that's my favourite place to read. Watching the world go by!

The Dinners

Autumn definitely offers the best dinner choices. From Sausage and Mash, to Roast Dinners - they are my absolute favourite dinners. They are just so warm and comforting, especially as the weather is beginning to change! Something about a Roast dinner can make everything seem OK, especially when it's a good as my mums...

Autumn Fashion

Chunky knits, warm boots and scarves - Autumn Fashion is definitely a popular favourite for many. Summer can be so challenging to dress for, especially in England, so when Autumn shows it's face I know so many of us are clambering to get into our Autumn cosies. I'm also a huge sucker for pjs and thick jumpers so Autumn fashion is right up my street!


Making blanket forts and snuggling up with someone you love is one of the best things about Autumn; whether you are with your friends, family or other half. I love being all warm and cosy as it gets darker, and crisper, around us outside - nothing beats being toasty and cosy, you just feel so safe!

Warm Baths

Having a warm bath, preferably with a Lush bath bomb, is definitely one of my favourite things about Autumn. I missed having baths so much in my first two years of uni so having one for the Autumn in my final year was such a treat. It's only since I started earning money though that I have really appreciated the power of a Lush bath bomb in the cold!

What do you love about Autumn?


  1. Ah such a wonderful post, it got me all excited for autumn. I love and agree with everything you said! Reading snuggled up in a blanket with a hot chocolate is my fav. I enjoy Whittards hot chocolate the most, it’s so luxurious. Thanks for sharing! :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog

    1. Mmm sounds delicious! Despite the fact it has been boiling hot today and muggy too, I feel so autumnal because of the lighting in the evenings - love it! XXX

  2. Yay for autumn fashion, there's nothing better than the leggings/oversized sweater/boots combo :) I'm so excited for it! Also, reading definitely does get even better during the colder days x


    1. I'm so excited too! Yes I totally agree, I don't even know why but it just seems 10 times better xx

  3. Another autumn soul here and your post is just making me excited about fall all over again~ Cuddling up in a cozy blanket and reading a good old book is the best isn't it <3
    She Will Be

    1. I love Autumn so much! The early evenings are so exciting, I am loving snuggling up in the evenings and chilling. Wishing it wasn't so muggy though, so I could enjoy it even more...Xx


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