Sunday, 16 October 2016

New York City | Aladdin on Broadway

 I have always loved going to the theatre, but living an hour away from London, it becomes a pretty pricey trip. Whilst in New York we decided to book tickets to a show on Broadway, and we were lucky enough to get tickets to Aladdin at The Amsterdam Theatre during our stay. Our seats were located on the Mezzanine which was the second out of three tiers, and I have to say we were both very impressed. We only paid $62.50 dollars each for the tickets and we could see the whole show perfectly! For obvious reasons I wasn't able to take any photographs of the performance, so I'll have to leave that part up to your imagination...

The Amsterdam Theatre was a great venue; it was a decent size so there was a good enough atmosphere, without there being too many people because there is nothing worse than places being too crowded. There were two halves of the show with a small interval between these two halves and it was the perfect length. I only wished it had lasted a bit longer because it was that good - I loved it! You were really drawn into the story of Aladdin which was altered as little as possible to be able to adapt it into a show.

I am no theatre critic, but I have to say that the cast was excellent. They all suited their roles extremely well, and they were all incredibly talented at singing, dancing and acting. My favourite character was the Genie, who was absolutely hilarious. I was laughing out loud for a vast majority of this musical, and it really added to the original story which isn't necessarily focused on humour. As huge Disney fans, it was also pretty spectacular to know that Jafar was being played by the man who voiced Jafar in the original film!

The outfits of the cast were unbelievable and it was clear that a lot of thought and work had gone into making them authentic and original! I was a woman obsessed with the amount of sequin glam the cast wore throughout the show; the costume designer was absolutely fantastic. It truly felt like we were watching real scenes in Agrabah because of the excellence of the costumes, and of the set design as well. I was really impressed by the set, but the costumes really were incredible. They stole the show for me!

Of course, it wouldn't be Disney without some incredible music! I am still humming the songs now over a week after seeing the show. All of the originals were included which was great, as sometimes you find your favourite songs being missed out of remakes and theatre. Luckily, they had managed to fit them all in, and some! There were new renditions of classic favourites, and some new tunes too which were very catchy. They finished with some of my favourites from the film and it was just great music overall! The band were actually underneath the stage and it was great to have them playing live whilst the cast sang.

If you are heading to New York and are hoping to see a show on Broadway I would definitely recommend Aladdin - both of us were still in shock about how good it was the next morning. We both knew it would be good, but it definitely exceeded even our expectations. You can get reasonably priced tickets, and it is worth entering the digital lottery which you can find more information about here as you never know, you could be successful!

Have you ever seen Aladdin on Broadway? Or have you seen it in London?


  1. Just stumbled across your blog - it's lovely :) I REALLY want to see Aladdin...what an amazing opportunity to go and see it on broadway! Lauren -

    1. Thank you very much! It was incredible, if you ever get the chance you should definitely go for it! It wasn't even AS pricey as I thought it might be. Obviously, it costs a fair amount but it was so worth it! xxx


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