Friday, 16 December 2016

Doing More | Bastille

 Bastille are a band I have always enjoyed listening to. From weeks into first year, I would listen to their first album after being introduced to them by my cousin. It reminds me of the incredible fun we had in our first year halls, so when I saw someone selling tickets on Facebook, I immediately pestered Dan to come with although it didn't take much persuading! We were joined by our friends from first year, Dan's flatmates Andy and Theo.

Our tickets were only £32 and it was so nice to be out and doing something different on a Tuesday night - definitely going for my new resolution to do more over here! As it was at the O2 we headed up after grabbing dinner on the way, and met the boys for a drink beforehand. I love going to gigs, and was so excited to see Bastille!

Whilst our seats were pretty high up, we got an incredible view of the stage! I quite like being up high because you get to see everything happening and I think it really adds to the whole atmosphere of an event. We were able to see everything - from Dan coming into the middle of the stage, to the smoke and glitter bombs that went off during "Rhythm of the Night" - incredible!

As they have recently brought out a new album - Wild World - most of their songs were much newer! We knew quite a few of them, but it was their "old" music that really got us dancing - probably the nostalgia talking! Icarus, Pompeii, Things We Lost in The Fire and Weight of Living are all songs that take me back to my first year of uni, and also the first year of being with Dan so it was great to be there with the boys.

Bastille were one of the bands you go to see, and you realise that they sound exactly like their recorded tracks. Their voices were incredible, and the musicians were so talented. I love that they have such a unique sound, you can instantly tell it is a Bastille song when one comes on because it is so different to anything else in the charts. I'd definitely see Bastille again, and couldn't recommend them more as a band to see live!

I had the best evening dancing to some music I love, with some fantastic people. It really was an excellent change to my usual midweek events, and I'll definitely be doing it again - or so I hope.

Have you seen Bastille live?

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