Tuesday, 28 February 2017

February in Numbers

Following on from my first ever Month in Numbers post (you can read the January one here), it's time for the February episode. In comparison to January, February always flies by and this year was no exception. It's always a good month though because the evenings begin to get lighter and the spring air comes in which is always refreshing and promising! I've had a lovely, but extremely busy month so here's some of my highlights...

3 the number of iced buns I had from the local (incredible) bakery near my work (must. stop. doing. this!)

1 the amount of shows I was meant to see, but unfortunately didn't get to go to because of Storm Doris. My Sister and I were meant to take our Mum to see Wicked for her birthday. Here's hoping we can go in the next couple of months...

3 the approximate amount of times I blinked before February was over. It's been such a fast month!

2 visits from friends from Uni, which was so much fun! It's always good to get together and celebrate seeing each other after a little while.

1 night back at home with my parents which was both weird and lovely at the same time. I miss seeing both of them everyday, so it was nice to be back at home with them both!

5 books read in February. My favourite was by Katie Fforde - an author I've not read for a little while. I read her latest book, A Summer At Sea, and it was lovely, I'd definitely recommend it.

97 tweets, a huge change to normal. I've weirdly not been using my phone as much, which I guess is a good thing!

1 trip booked for May! We're off to Valencia for four days, and I am so excited. It's the third biggest city in Spain and I'm looking forward to visiting another Spanish city!

6 hours spent watching Catastrophe, which is hilarious. I'm looking forward to the next season coming out.

February has been a great month, but I'm looking forward to what March brings now, especially with the big family birthdays we have coming up. Here's to the lighter evenings!

What have you been up to this month?


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