Friday, 28 April 2017

2017 Travels

 One of my favourite feelings in the world is that feeling you get when you arrive in a new city to explore. You're full of the hope of the unexpected, and excited for all of the new things you are going to experience over the next few days. 2016 was a great year for me, full of that feeling. I explored 6 new cities; none of which I had ever been to before, and all of which I ended up loving!

 I'm hoping for more of the same in 2017. Whilst I might not make it to 6 completely new destinations, I already have 4 trips on the cards. Booking a city break, or holiday, gives me something to look forward to, and something to focus on. I love knowing that I will be pounding the streets of a foreign country with a travel guide in hand soaking up the culture (and hopefully some sunshine too!).

Warsaw, Poland

Dan and I are heading to Warsaw, Poland this bank holiday weekend. I'm so excited to explore a city that is in Poland! Warsaw has such an interesting, and incredibly upsetting, history but I am looking forward to learning more and paying my respects to those who fought so bravely in the Warsaw uprising. On a lighter note, I cannot wait to eat Pierogi and explore the old town.

Valencia, Spain

Valencia is my first destination in May. Dan and I are off for three days of sun and sangria at the end of May. Spain is a country I love, and I'm really excited to explore the third largest city! There's just something about Spanish cities that brings out a sense of love and excitement in me so I cannot wait to explore some more!

Stockholm, Sweden

Also at the end of May, is a trip to Stockholm. I'm jetting off with my friend from uni, Mary. On the itinerary is definitely the ABBA museum. I've never been to a nordic country so I'm excited to explore somewhere completely off my radar! Gamla Stan looks so enchanting so I'm really looking forward to exploring the old medieval town.

Prague, Czech Republic

My Dad and I are heading to Prague for four days in August. I'm so excited to explore the capital of the Czech Republic, it's been on my travel wishlist for ages. I've heard such good things about the city, so I'm looking forward to wandering through the Old Town and walking across the Charles Bridge. We'll obviously have to sample the local bevvies as well!

Where are you hoping to go this year?


Friday, 21 April 2017

Work Wardrobe Staples

 In January I started a new job that doesn't have a work uniform which initially filled me with dread at the thought of having to daily choose my own outfits. Surprisingly though, it's been a breeze and there hasn't been one day which I have struggled to find something to wear! It's down to having some work wardrobe staples which I can work and turn to make plenty of different outfits.

The Print Trouser

My absolute faves are a gorgeous navy blue pair from Warehouse with squiggles on them. I picked them up in the January sales, not being entirely sure about them, but knowing I would need a work wardrobe soon. They are my ultimate staple; so comfortable but also looking smart for office wear. I'm yet to find a pair I love as much as these!

The High Neck Jumper

I love a high neck item of clothing, and a black high neck jumper is a staple for wearing with printed trousers. It's comfortable, warm but also perfect for the office as well. I don't have many skirts for work, but this is definitely something I could wear with a skirt for work too!

The Little Black Dress

My little black dress for work is a Zara t-shirt dress that my Mum picked up for me in the sale for a bargain £5.99. It's an appropriate length, and is definitely smart enough when you pair it with the right accessories. I've never been much of a jewellery person but since working in an office, I have been wearing them daily to jazz up a plainer outfit and make the same outfit look different!

The Patterned Dress

I really do love a good pattern; especially for work. I think that they are a great way to brighten up your clothes and can also look really smart too. I have picked up a couple of these dresses now, and they all make great additions to my work wardrobe, especially when I fancy wearing something a bit brighter.

What are your work wardrobe staples?

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Cambridge | The Traveller's Rest Beefeater

 When the email dropped into my inbox, I was instantly excited to visit The Traveller's Rest Beefeater in Cambridge. I'm always looking for new places to try and I was really excited to see what this newly refurbished Beefeater had to offer.

Situated not far from the city centre, The Traveller's Rest is the perfect place for a family dinner. It was spacious and modern whilst also feeling very homely, which I really love in a restaurant. The modern interior creates a real sense of being able to relax and enjoy the meal which we certainly did.

As we arrived a little early, we settled into the bar with a diet pepsi (unlimited, my favourite kind of pepsi!) each and the menu to peruse. We'd arrived a little early due to our previous appointment finishing sooner than we had expected but we were happy to wait in the spacious bar. It wasn't long before our table was ready which was a good job because we were both starving, especially as the food smelt so good.

Photo Credit: Beefeater

We were led to our table which was tucked away near the kitchen which I really liked. You felt the buzz of the restaurant but it also felt private enough so you could really enjoy your company which can sometimes be difficult in chain restaurants because of how close you are to other tables. In The Traveller's Rest, this was far from the case and it was something both Dan and I really liked about the restaurant.

Photo Credit: Beefeater

 For our starter, we ordered The Beefeater Sharing Platter. We wanted to order something so we could try a variety of different dishes, and we were so pleased we did! For £10.99 you get a huge selection of different starters from minced pork and beef kofta to breaded crispy flat cap mushrooms. Each of the separate dishes were delicious, and Dan was so pleased as we'd finally found a sharing platter we would both like. 

Whilst we both felt very full, we eagerly awaited our mains. Dan had ordered the steak, whilst I opted for the paprika chicken! The thing that excited us both the most though, was the fact that our meals were served with triple cooked chips. Even better? Beefeater are offering customers UNLIMITED triple cooked chips. Whilst we were too full to take full advantage of this amazing deal, we'll definitely save ourselves next time so we can order some more. They were, as triple cooked chips always are, delicious!

The Traveller's Rest is the perfect restaurant for a family meal. With it's modern and relaxed feel, it's the ideal place to celebrate a grandparent's birthday, or for a weekend treat. Having never been to a Beefeater before, I was so impressed and I'll definitely be going back for another meal - hopefully with more of my family in tow!

Have you ever been to a Beefeater?

I was kindly given a voucher to pay for our meal at the Beefeater, in exchange for a feature on my blog. 

Friday, 7 April 2017

The Library | March

 My challenge for 2016 was to read wider variety of different books, to explore different genres which I really enjoyed. My challenge this year is to read one book a week, or the equivalent of one a week so my total of books read this year is 52. I love reading, but sometimes opt to spend hours scrolling aimlessly through social media instead of just picking up a book, so this challenge was set to help me combat that and get through some more books!

That Girl From Nowhere - Dorothy Koomson

 Dorothy Koomson is brilliant. I've read a couple of her books now, and they have all been so good! I love the fact that they all have different and interesting twists to them. The storyline to this book was really gripping, but I did find that in some areas it lacked the emotion I expect to feel alongside the dramatic storyline. I'm not too sure that makes sense but I expected myself to feel a lot more emotional about the things that were happening in the novel! Despite this, I'd still really recommend it.

The Dynamite Room - Jason Hewitt

The Dynamite Room
was a chance find when I went to Rochester, and went through the vast amount of charity book shops. I picked it up, liked the sound of the blurb and brought it home with me! I really enjoyed this read, especially as it was a little different to the books I usually read. The storyline was quite out there, but I liked the fact that the novel focused on two main characters with flash backs to their past and how they ended up in their unique situation.

Who Do You Love - Jennifer Weiner

I devoured this book by Jennifer Weiner. It's a love story through and through, and a lovely one at that. I felt really invested in the characters, and liked the fact that this was a realistic love story with highs and lows unlike many of the stories you read which are all unrealistically perfect. Who Do You Love is one of those books that you really can't put down because you want to know what happens so much!

The Notebook - Nicholas Sparks

I started reading this book a while ago but didn't really get into it (probably because it was around my birthday so I had lots of new books catching my eye!). This time around though, I have loved it. It's a truly beautiful love story, despite being terribly sad too. It's quite a short read so perfect for fitting in around work and life!

The Handmaid's Tale - Margaret Atwood

Whilst this was a slightly haunting read, to say the least, it was definitely very interesting and I'm pleased I read it! The United States of America is now the Republic of Gilead and women are treated very differently. The story follows Offred, who is a handmaid. A woman who is taken into the home of The Commander to bear his children as he and his wife cannot. Offred's story is terribly sad, but it's was definitely an interesting read too!

Who's That Girl - Mhairi McFarlane

I adored this book by Mhairi. It was hilarious, and heart-warming and if you read one book this month, make it this one. The characters came alive to me, and I really liked that because sometimes it can take a little while for you to connect with the characters. With the characters in Who's That Girl, I felt connected to them from page one.

What have you been reading recently?
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