Friday, 20 July 2018

Norfolk | Wells-next-the-Sea

A couple of weeks ago, we joined my parents in Norfolk for a long weekend. It came just at the right time, and we had such a lovely time resting, relaxing and exploring! Initially I was intending on writing one post, but the more I've written here, the more I've realised that one just won't suffice, so we'll start with our first day in Norfolk.

We had both decided to take the Friday off work so we could get to the barn my parents were staying in on Thursday evening. I had been doing some research online and after finding a place that looked fantastic for brunch, suggested that on Friday we headed to Wells-next-the-sea to relive my childhood! I have such lovely memories of staying at Pinewoods with my parents and little sister so I was eager to head back there after so many years, with the added bonus of showing Dan around.

Sadly, the bingo no longer exists, however Wells is a lovely place to spend the day. Our first stop was Bang in Wells where we fuelled ourselves for the day ahead. Whilst this place is relatively pricey, the food was delicious and we all enjoyed sitting outside to make the most of this heatwave we're having!

On the way up to Bang, there are plenty of shops to explore so that's where we headed after our brunch. Despite not picking anything up, it was lovely to have an amble in a place I remember so well. One thing we did do in Wells when I was younger, was head to the amusement park, so we decided to head to the on in the harbour. I had forgotten how much fun it was, made all the better by the win of these little guys! (We were all pretty ecstatic about this, I have NEVER seen anyone win on the 2p machines!).

Our afternoon was spent on the beach, enjoying the sunshine and the beautiful beach huts that are painted in so many gorgeous colours. Dan and Dad flew a kite, whilst Mum and I got stuck into our latest reads. The weather was so beautiful, and I just enjoyed being able to relax on the beach. We even bumped into the lady from our home town who we rented the caravan from when we were younger which was lovely.

After a few hours at the beach, we unanimously decided that we were going back to the harbour to get fish and chips - there's nothing like it when you're at the seaside!

We had such a lovely day in Wells-next-the-sea, and I would highly recommend a trip if you are heading to North Norfolk. The beach is one of the loveliest ones I've been to in the UK, and it is just so lovely to explore the pretty little town. Next time I go, I want to try the dutch pancakes at The Albatros - a boat built in 1899 which is now a restaurant in the harbour...

Have you been to Wells-next-the-sea?


  1. Norfolk is so lovely, I definitely need to make a return visit there.

    Looks like you had a good time, looking forward to reading more about your weekend away xx

    1. We had the best time!! I cannot wait to go back again - I really must do it more xx


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